Blanchester couple with outstanding warrants arrested

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Katlyn Bobbitt

Katlyn Bobbitt

Greg Bobbitt

BLANCHESTER — A Blanchester couple with outstanding warrants was arrested Thursday night, police said.

Blanchester Police Ptl. Micah Day was on patrol when he saw Gregory Bobbitt, 25, enter his mother’s home on Clearview Avenue, according to Police Chief Scott Reinbolt in a news release.

“Ptl. Day was aware that the police department held a warrant for Bobbitt’s arrest for misuse of credit cards,” said Reinbolt. “A computer check revealed he was also wanted by the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office on a felony child support warrant.”

Reinbolt said Ptl. T.W. Smith arrived at the Clearview Ave. residence and Bobbitt’s mother gave the two officers consent to enter the home to look for Bobbitt.

“He was found hiding in a bathtub inside the residence,” said Reinbolt. “The officers informed Bobbitt he was under arrest. He began yelling in protest of his arrest and refused to follow the officer’s commands. A struggle between Bobbitt and the officers ensued as they tried to place Bobbitt under arrest.

“During the struggle, Bobbitt’s wife, Katlyn Bobbitt, attempted to intervene on her husband’s behalf,” Reinbolt continued. ” The officers warned her that doing so would result in her arrest, and she then abandoned the effort.

“As the struggle continued, the officers called for back-up from the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office. Before deputies arrived they were able to get Bobbitt into handcuffs and into a police car.”

Officers then performed a computer check to see if Katlyn Bobbitt, age 20, was wanted.

“They learned that the Wilmington Police Department held a warrant for her arrest for failure to appear before the court on an OVI case,” said Reinbolt. “She therefore was placed under arrest.

“A deputy sheriff transported both Mr. and Mrs. Bobbitt to the county jail. We appreciate their assistance in responding to our call for back-up and for assisting with transporting the prisoners.”

Katlyn Bobbitt Bobbitt

Greg Bobbitt Bobbitt

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