AEP plans electric upgrade in Clinton County

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Three townships in southern Clinton County are within the area of an energy company’s power grid upgrade project.

AEP Ohio plans power grid upgrades in southwest Ohio to increase electric reliability for customers in Clinton, Highland and Warren Counties, according to the project announcement.

Named the Hillsboro-Lebanon Transmission Line Rebuild Project, the work involves rebuilding approximately 36 miles of power line as well as upgrading a substation near Blanchester.

The company plans to replace two 17-mile long paralleling power lines and combine them into a single line located within the existing right-of-way between Hillsboro and Blanchester.

In addition, the project includes rebuilding an approximate 19-mile power line between Blanchester and Lebanon.

The improvements are needed, stated the announcement, to upgrade transmission structures that are more than 70 years old. The project will reduce the likelihood of power outages, and also speed recovery of service when outages do occur.

In Clinton County, the project area includes Clark, Jefferson and Marion Townships.

The timeline, which is subject to change, indicates right-of-way communications begin this month.

The transmission line construction is anticipated for the time period between early 2020 and the end of 2021.

The company plans to rebuild the transmission lines in its existing right-of-way. However, it might need to supplement current easements to ensure the safe construction, operation and maintenance of the transmission lines, stated the announcement.

Construction will involve installing steel, single-pole structures along the section where the two existing lines are combined into a single line between Hillsboro and Blanchester.

And other construction will involve replacing wood for steel H-frame structures for the 19-mile power line between Blanchester and Lebanon.

If you have comments or questions about the project, please use the following contact information: You can email , or call 380-205-5046, or send postal mail to AEP Ohio, c/o Joe Demaree, 8600 Smiths Mill Road, New Albany, OH 43054.

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