WPD makes arrests, deals with variety of incidents

By John Hamilton - jhamilton@wnewsj.com

WILMINGTON — The following report is generated from incident reports provided by the Wilmington Police Department. All those arrested are presumed innocent until possibly found guilty in court. Charges may be dropped or changed in court.

Wilmington police recently processed the following reports:

• At 8:49 a.m. on Sept. 17, a 53-year-old male called to report that he made a comment to neighbors that a male subject uses crack. He advised that the person he told this to told the subject and (the subject) became upset with him. The caller requested permission to fight back if the subject comes at him. The officer advised he would document the caller’s concern and that the WPD could not grant him permission to fight someone. “He then stated that he had the right to protect himself. I advised that every situation is looked at in its own way,” the report states. According to the report, the caller made frequent calls to the station throughout the day. Around 1:15 p.m. he wanted to know “if we handed out police hats and police shirts so he could wear them to show he is working for us.” The officer advised him they didn’t issue items like that. The caller then proceeded to ask the same questions again that he did earlier, trying to get an officer to grant him permission to defend himself and fight back. The officer advised the caller to avoid confrontation with the male subject and that if he is concerned for his safety to try to request a protection order.

• Police responded to a vehicle accident at 6:23 p.m. on Sept. 16 at the 200 block of West Main Street. According to the report, a 62-year-old male was in the driver seat of a black Durango and an officer observed the vehicle was in drive and they asked the suspect to put it in park. The suspect told the officer it was in park but the officer told him it was in drive. The suspect moved the shifter one spot above park, then back into drive. The officer then opened the door and shifted the vehicle into park and then turn the vehicle off. He asked the suspect to give him the keys and he pulled them out of his pocket and handed them to the officer. The officer then spoke with a 59-year-old female who operated the other vehicle involved. She told authorities she was stopped in traffic at the red light and the Durango hit the rear of her vehicle. She further stated the Durango went forward several times and then pushed her vehicle for a moment. The female stated her neck was hurting and a squad was called to check on her. The squad arrived, and checked the female, but did not transport her. Another officer reported the suspect was slow in his response to their questions and was “fidgety.” They also observed the suspect’s eyes to be “bloodshot and glossy.” The officer asked the suspect to exit his vehicle to perform SFST to which he agreed he would. According to the report, the suspect was slow to respond to certain tests and struggled in following directions for one test. The suspect was placed under arrest for OVI and proceeded to handcuff the man. He also cited for the accident. The suspect was later issued a court date and released to his son.

• Police responded to a report of an assault at the 700 block of Fife Avenue at 7:45 p.m. on Sept. 16. A 34-year-old female and a 73-year-old male are listed as victims and a 29-year-old female is listed as suspect.

• Police charged a 26-year-old male for alleged theft at 6:41 p.m. on Sept. 16 at a Progress Way store. According to the report, the suspect had stolen nearly $450 worth of products from the store.

• At 7:49 a.m. on Sept. 20, a 67-year-old male reported someone stole a few items from his garage at the 300 block of North Lincoln Street. A green Poulan 20” push mower, a blue and yellow Goodyear Motorcycle Jack blue and yellow in color, and a blue and yellow Goodyear mechanic’s shop seat. He advised he last saw the items around 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 19. There are no signs of forced entry into the garage. The victim believes he locked the garage and does not know how the suspect would have gotten in.

• Police arrested a 33-year-old male for alleged theft after responding to a shoplifting report at a store on Rombach Avenue at 1:47 p.m. on Sept. 17. According to the report, the suspect had stolen chicken wings and a can of beer valued at $10. Police also seized a grinder and a pipe.

• Police arrested a 29-year-old Granville male for alleged theft at 5:21 p.m. on Sept. 19 after responding to a store on Rombach Avenue. According to the report, the suspect allegedly stole a Steelie cell phone car vent mount.

• Police charged a 21-year-old female for alleged theft after responding to an incident at a store on Progress Way at 1:58 p.m. on Sept. 19. According to the report, the suspect was seen pushing a cart full of merchandise totaling $588.52.


By John Hamilton


Reach John Hamilton at 937-382-2574

Reach John Hamilton at 937-382-2574