Male spouses may join Legion Auxiliary

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The American Legion has voted to extend membership in the American Legion Auxiliary to male spouses of U.S. veterans and service members.

During the American Legion National Convention in Indianapolis in August, delegates of the American Legion voted to replace the word “wife” with “spouse” in their constitution and by-laws, opening up membership in the American Legion Auxiliary.

Why are The American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary making this change? Currently, 1.9 million women veterans are living in the United States, and 9% of the U.S. military is female. By 2045, it’s estimated that 18% of the U.S. military will be comprised of women.

“As we welcome eligible male spouses into the American Legion Auxiliary, we gain another perspective on the needs of military families — enabling the Auxiliary to support even more veterans, service members, and their families,” said 2019-2020 American Legion Auxiliary National President Nicole Clapp.

This new membership eligibility has much promise for growth in the American Legion Auxiliary, leading to new resources, increased funding opportunities, and additional diversity and talent among our leadership, as well as general membership.

American Legion Auxiliary members, since the founding of our organization in 1919, have been committed to meeting the needs of veterans, the military, and their families.

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Submitted article