WPD responds to drunken brawl, flagpole climber, man with machete

By John Hamijlton - jhamilton@wnewsj.com

WILMINGTON — The following report is generated from incident reports provided by the Wilmington Police Department. All those arrested are presumed innocent until possibly found guilty in court. Charges may be dropped or changed in court.

Wilmington police recently processed the following reports:

• Police received a report of child abuse at 7:35 p.m. on Sept. 25. A 32-year-old female and a 36-year-old male were listed as suspects. No further details about the alleged abuse were listed.

• At 10:09 p.m. on Sept. 26, police were advised a 25-year-old male and five other people were fighting around a arusiness on South South Street. When the officer arrived and exited their vehicle it appeared three females were actively fighting. A 24-year-old female appeared to be defending herself, according to the report. The female was slumped over while being hit numerously and having her hair pulled, according to the report. The officer separated the females and advised the two aggressors to stand behind a vehicle while they spoke with the defending female. She advised she came to the bar when one female began harassing her and the 25-year-old male. The harassed was talking about how “her mom once beat up (the male’s) mother years ago.” The argument was taken outside and a fight broke out. The defending female advised the other female struck her first and she began to fight back. The male stepped in and stopped the fight but shortly before police arrived the fight began again. The officer deemed the other female — a 46-year-old female — to be the main aggressor in this altercation. The victim did not want to press charges. The report indicates all of the individuals involved were heavily intoxicated. Both groups of people left without incident.

• Police responded to a reported fight at a Sparta Avenue residence at 6:41 a.m. on Sept. 25. Upon arrival, a 31-year-old male resident said he had let two subjects stay for a few hours. He said one subject — only identified by their surname — got angry and began trying to hit the other subject, a female. The resident said the suspect, “came at him with an open folding knife.” The resident said he hit the suspect in the face. He said the suspect and the female left prior to police arriving. The suspect also struck the resident’s — a 28-year-old from Midland. Neither victim wished to file charges but the resident just wants the suspect to stay away from his apartment.

• At 9:48 a.m. on Sept. 23, police responded to the 800 block of Xenia Avenue in reference to a reported theft. Upon arrival, contact was made with a 53-year-old male resident and he advised that someone stole his red toolbox with tools. The victim advised that the value was around $30. The victim advised that he looked out the back and believes he saw a 44-year-old male subject steal the tools.

• At 3 p.m. on Sept. 24, a 26-year-old male was seen climbing the flagpole at the City Building on South Street. The report indicates the subject was recently released from jail and “decided he would climb the flagpole.” Police told him to cease his activities and he left the area.

• At 11:50 a.m. on Sept. 27, police received a report of a burglary at the 1100 block of Southridge Avenue. According to the report, a rear bedroom window was smashed and opened and “someone had placed an outdoor chair near the window to possibly climb through the window,” the report states. The caretaker of the residence allowed WPD entry and they checked the interior. Police did locate the interior garage door open and nothing appeared to be disturbed as all the electronics and collectibles were untouched. The caretaker was going to secure the window and an extra watch on the residence was requested.

• At 11:03 a.m. on Sept. 28, police received a report of an attempted break-in at a business on West Main Street. According to the report, a 40-year-old male is suspected of trying to gain entry by breaking the glass on the entry door.

• At 9:15 p.m. on Sept. 24, police responded to the 200 block of West Truesdell Street on the report of a man with a machete. Upon arrival, police seized a black machete from the scene but no further action was taken.

• Police responded to the report of a theft at the 100 block of Owen Street at 10:46 a.m. on Sept. 26. Upon arrival, a 57-year-old male reported the following items taken from a building he owns: two generators, a power saw, a 3/4” socket set, an air compressor, an SN4 framing nailer, and a yellow Salamander.


By John Hamijlton