Republican poll workers needed

News Journal staff

The Clinton County Board of Elections announced that it currently does not have enough Republican poll workers to staff the March 15, 2016 Primary Election.

To date, the office has only been able to recruit 57 of the 70 Republican poll workers needed for Election Day.

“In presidential election years, the primary being held in March instead of May, is always problematic because many of our poll workers are in Florida or other states for the winter,” said Shane C. Breckel, Clinton County Board of Elections Director. “We hope that by getting the word out, we can get some new people recruited to fill the vacancies or serve as alternates.”

Anyone interested in serving as a poll worker should contact the Board of Elections by phone at 937-382-3537 or by email at Though the current need is for Republican poll workers, the Board would like to hear from anyone who is interested in serving, regardless of their political affiliation.

“You can never have too many poll workers,” said Breckel. “If we don’t have a position for you this election, we will definitely need you for the Presidential election in November.”

Poll workers who serve as the Voting Location Manager, or lead poll worker, receive compensation of $146.50, plus $15.00 for attending a mandatory training prior to Election Day. Precinct Election Officials, or regular poll workers, receive compensation of $101.50 for their service.

For more information on serving as a poll worker, please contact Joy Ames, Poll Worker Coordinator, by phone at 937-382-3537 or by email at Information can also be found on the Board’s website at

The Clinton County Board of Elections contributed to this report.

News Journal staff