Deputies charge Harold Longworth with negligent assault

Deputies charge Longworth with negligent assault

By Nathan Kraatz -

WILMINGTON — Deputies of the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office arrested Harold Longworth, 74, of Columbus, on a third-degree misdemeanor charge of negligent assault after Longworth allegedly shot his thumb and another man’s leg Jan. 9 at a gun show sponsored by the Ohio Gun Collector’s Association.

According to a court affidavit, Longworth was showing how easy the trigger on a handgun could be pulled when the weapon discharged, removing his thumb and striking Richard Adams in the leg. Adams was about 40 feet away.

Deputies took a Bersa 9-millimeter as the suspected weapon involved as well as a bullet casing, bullet fragments and an unloaded magazine. Later, Longworth allegedly told a deputy he had been awake for 24 hours.

A third man, Frank Clifton, gave statements to deputies and OGCA corroborating Longworth’s account, and he reportedly told deputies he believed the Bersa to be the weapon involved.

According to the report, signs were up at the event stating that no loaded weapons were allowed. Longworth was hosting a table at the event, the report indicated.

CCSO Col. Brian Prickett previously told the News Journal that OGCA is “top-notch,” very safety conscious and that the only loaded guns normally at the show belong to deputies.

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Deputies charge Longworth with negligent assault

By Nathan Kraatz