3 vie to become Sabina’s next mayor

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The following are examples of my actions, attitudes, and priorities. Actions: As Sabina representative to Clinton County Regional Planning Commission (RPC) — which offers many services to Sabina — I led a successful effort to save the RPC and provide fair representation to every county citizen when the Clinton County commissioners wanted to strip citizens’ rights.

In 2005 I initiated efforts to energize the flood mitigation program, beginning stream cleaning. Also, led efforts to incorporate Dakins Chapel Road into the village and reduce speed limit and improve safety for good citizens there who care about their families and property.

In terms of behavior and attitude, I stood up, sometimes alone, against actions and abuse I considered harmful to village citizens, something I vow to continue should you elect me. I want to help make Sabina better — not for a few, but for all willing to work for a better Sabina.

Among priorities: Help our village keep its full-service retailing, such as Uhl’s IGA supermarket for essential and convenient accommodation for everyone. In addition, continue efforts to get Sabina out of the flood zone, and build new, improved storm sewers.

Also, to continue efforts to bring New Sabina Industries within village corporation limits, thereby adding $200,000 to $300,000 income tax revenue annually for services and infrastructure of the town. If NSI enters the village, I want the 0.5 percent (½ percent) income tax eliminated. Also: strong police responsiveness to serve and protect all citizens; better enforcement of nuisance ordinances and make Sabina more livable and attractive; improved streets, with safer left-turn access at school intersection; help Sabina become more accessible for golf carts; and become more proactive to match fund resources with initiatives to earn grants.

I am a Sabina-area native, some 55 years in Clinton County affairs, and about 11 years on Village Council. I retired from Wright Patterson AFB in Aeronautical Systems Division as a cost analyst. Education: Bachelor of Science degree from Wilmington College majoring in business administration and social studies; and a Master of Business Administration degree, emphasis in accounting, from Miami University.

Planned emphases as mayor: Lead village so that all who are willing to work for a better Sabina are proud to improve our community; want village to work for a better future, not a declining unstable environment; and I want a more cooperative effort amongst governments, citizens, businesses and organizations for a better Sabina.

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As a member of Council, I created legislation that, beginning next year, will encourage commercial and industrial building owners to utilize those properties, meet qualifying exemptions, or register them as vacant and pay an annual fee. This should lead to change or modernization.

I also created legislation resulting in more productive council meetings. Afterwards, meetings became more productive and controlled. I also revitalized the nuisance ordinance for better and fuller definition of offenses utilizing input from village residents and past complaints in an effort to encourage improvement. I’ve applied for grants, assisted with street annexations, installed security cameras at the pool, and even painted the sign on the East end of town. These being just some highlights, I believe that I set an example as to what one person can do to make a difference. Now I wish to do so as Sabina’s next mayor.

Sabina must come into the present while maintaining traditional values. We need to utilize social media in a positive way to allow more transparency. The people who live here deserve to know what their elected officials are doing and why. We must prepare for future generations and set positive examples for them. I wish to work with the people of this village to that end. Sabina has so much potential for development. We must continue to look for ways to alleviate our bigger issues while working toward growth.

I am always ready to sit and talk and will answer any questions or concerns as best I am able. This is my home and has been for all but a couple of years of my life. I love this little village, and will not hesitate to let folks know that I am in the same boat as everyone else here. Your voice will determine the next four years for our village. No one candidate is perfect. No one can promise to do anything in particular above just doing their best. It will take all of us working together to make improvements to, and instill change in, this village we love and call home. Now is the time for Sabina to come together. While I am asking for your vote, I am also urging you to just get out there and vote. Your vote is your voice and it needs to be heard.


I am on the Sabina Council for the past nine years and I am running to be the Mayor of Sabina. I am an Air Force veteran, lived in Sabina for 40 years and retired from Cincinnati Milacron.

I have always tried to do what is best for our small municipality. I spearheaded and worked with DeWine’s Moving On Program to demolish four abandoned buildings in Sabina. I spearheaded and succeeded in getting most of Wilson Creek on county maintenance. I, along with Council, met with Clinton County Commissioners to incorporate Dakins Chapel Road and most of Trahera Lane into the village. I did help in the crusade against the ill-fated inappropriate zoning ordinance in our small community and the attempt to force New Sabina into the village; you cannot force a business to incorporate.

My goals are to endeavor to get a new water line on South Howard Street thru grants and other projects for our terribly failing water lines and infrastructure. Our village desperately needs more businesses and a grocery store to replace the IGA facility that closed recently and I will work on that as mayor. Another goal is to work with the Land Bank and tear down more abandoned buildings like the other four additional dwellings that have been torn down very recently.




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