Fees refunded for local governments, schools

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Clinton County Auditor Terry Habermehl will return $200,000 to local governments, school districts, and other entities that levy property taxes in Clinton County, he announced in a press release. The money will be returned in the form of checks and wire transfers.

Real estate assessment fees are generated annually from a small percentage of the county’s total real estate tax collections. These fees are specifically designated by state law to be used by the Auditor for real estate and appraisal work.

“The office has worked hard to improve efficiency and reduce costs,” said Habermehl. “This has allowed us to reduce these fees across the county. Good government uses only the money it needs to provide required services. I do not believe that governments have to spend every dollar they get from taxpayers, and we haven’t.”

“What is not needed for current or future expenses, we give back. Ultimately, I would like to return the money directly to taxpayers, but the law requires it go back to the original taxing entities.”

Among the largest beneficiaries of the fee refunds are the county’s school districts, which will receive $112,306 in refunds with Wilmington City Schools receiving the lion’s share with more than $59,580. Clinton-Massie Local Schools will receive a refund of $21,600, East Clinton Local will receive $18,044, and Blanchester Local will receive $13,082.

In addition to the schools, the county’s townships will see refunds totaling more than $13,084, the city of Wilmington will receive a check for more than $9,259, the villages will share $2,399, and special levies will also benefit with $9,561 in refunds.

Clinton County’s General Fund and county-wide levies will share an additional $36,602 as a result of the fee refunds.

News Journal