WPD reports: Suspect displays scary effects of meth

By John Hamilton - [email protected]

WILMINGTON — The following report is generated from incident reports provided by the Wilmington Police Department. All those arrested are presumed innocent until possibly found guilty in court. Charges may be dropped or changed in court.

Wilmington police recently processed the following reports:

• Police arrested a 41-year-old Clarksville female for allegedly obstructing official business, resisting arrest, and drug paraphernalia when responding to a welfare check on Rombach Avenue at 3:13 a.m. on Oct. 19. According to the report, when police arrived on scene, a 44-year-old Wilmington male stated her sister — the suspect — had been using meth. The officer saw the suspect crouched down in front of a truck in the parking lot. “She was using a torch to heat up and smoke a glass meth pipe,” the report states. The suspect continued to smoke the pipe and say something about wanting to finish her meth before the officer took it. The officer asked her if she knew they were the police and she stated she knew it and did not want the officer to take her meth. “I told (the suspect) several times to drop the pipe and torch, but she continued to smoke the pipe,” the officer stated in their report, adding, “She was talking so fast she was very hard to understand.”

Two officers had to pull her hands behind her back to get her to drop the torch and not burn them or herself. She pulled away from the officers as they tried to take the glass pipe out of her hand. They had to handcuff her and take several minutes to open her left hand to get the pipe out so she did not crush it in her hand and cut her self or them. The suspect pulled away while the were trying to get her hands behind her back and pull the pipe out of her hand. The entire time she was talking about people that were not there and being worried about someone taking her meth. “She was talking very fast and I could see the veins in her neck throbbing due to her very high heart rate,” the report states.

A squad was called in to transport her to Clinton Memorial Hospital. “I thought she needed to be seen at the E.R. for her welfare and I did not believe the CCSO Jail would take her in the state she was in,” the report states. When the squad arrived, the suspect refused to walk to the squad and locked her legs straight. Officers had to pick her up and place her on the cot, while she pulled away and kicked her feet. While pushing the cot to the squad, the suspect pulled one hand out of the handcuffs and we had to stop and get her handcuffed again. According to the report, the suspect then spat out her false teeth. The squad members requested an officer ride with them to the E.R. The suspect did not cooperate with the E.R. staff attempting to care for her. Her pulse was 150. Officers explained to the staff that they wanted to keep from putting her into jail but wanted to make sure she was safe. They called the suspect’s mother to come pick her up, but her mother was worried about picking her up and was going to send the suspect’s son who did not arrive due to also feeling uncomfortable about it. The suspect continued to refuse to cooperate with the E.R. staff and officers realized she knew what she was doing and they did not want to have someone pick her up resulting in the suspect injuring them. The E.R. doctor released the suspect due to not cooperating and wrote she was fit to be incarcerated, on the discharge paperwork. Officers seized the meth pipe and put it into the evidence locker. The suspect was handcuffed and transported to the Sheriff’s Office. While in transport, the suspect, “attempted to direct me on where to go, and told me to look at things on the sides of the roads that were not there.” At one point, she freed herself from her handcuffs which were placed with a “one finger width” gap and double locked. She was later led into the Sheriff’s Officer, searched, and placed in holding cell without further incident.

• Police arrested an 18-year-old New Vienna male for an alleged assault after responding to a reported fight at the 700 block of West Locust Street. Upon arrival, police located a crowd of people, and a 19-year-old Wilmington male came forward and advised the suspect was trying to hang out with the victim and his friends. The victim did not want to hang out but the suspect persisted, according to the report. The suspect tried to get into the victim’s vehicle and the victim told him to get out. The suspect did get out but when the victim got into the car, the suspect struck the victim in the neck. The report indicates there was a “significant red mark indicating force or pressure was applied to the area.”

• Police arrested a 26-year-old male for two counts of alleged criminal trespass and theft at 7:18 p.m. on Oct. 17 at a gas station on East Main Street. The report indicates $8.77 worth of “food/consumable” goods were stolen.

• At 10:47 a.m. on Oct. 19, police received a report that there was an altercation between subjects in the parking lot of a store on Progress Way. Police were advised that one of the vehicles was red and had left, the other was a blue Expedition. Upon arrival the vehicles were all gone. The suspect in the blue Expedition was headed toward Sabina but was turning around to come back and speak with the officer. A 27-year-old Sabina female stated that as she and 25-year-old Sabina male were coming out of the store with the male pushing the cart. The cart scratched past the mirror of the suspect’s vehicle. The suspect — a female — said that she looked at the male and “made a weird face” at which time the suspect came at them yelling “what the (expletive) is wrong with you?” The female told the subject that “there’s something wrong with everyone.” The suspect said that she had something in her trunk. The suspect removed a baseball bat from the trunk and struck the rear of the victim’s vehicle. The male advised that he was getting ready to grab the bat from the suspect when another witness was observed and the female victim started taking pictures of the suspect’s license plate. The suspect got back into her vehicle and left heading south on Progress Way. The expired license plate was found to belong to a subject from Mississippi. The officer left a message for another witness to call, and have been in contact with the store about possible surveillance footage.


By John Hamilton

[email protected]

Reach John Hamilton at 937-382-2574

Reach John Hamilton at 937-382-2574