Repeat domestic violence offender gets 17 months in prison

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WILMINGTON — A man is ordered to serve a 17-month prison term for a domestic violence offense in which he reportedly slammed the victim’s head into cabinets and walls.

Aaron Jefferson Green (aka Aaron S. Green), 24, of Wilmington, previously was convicted of domestic violence in a 2015 Clinton County case.

In this latest incident, a local prosecutor filed a court document alleging Green choked his live-in girlfriend in addition to slamming her head into cabinets and walls.

The offender’s actions left the victim with bruises and marks on her body, and dried blood on her hair and clothing, according to the court document.

The victim ultimately was seen by a doctor for a concussion and contusions to her nose and lower back, states the court paper.

In a negotiated settlement of the case, Green pled guilty to felony domestic violence (F4) while a separate felony charge of abduction (F3) was dropped. That charge was dropped with the agreement of the victim, states a court paper.

Both sides recommended the 17-month prison term.

Green was granted credit for 91 days he spent in jail on the case prior to the sentencing hearing.

In an unrelated case, Christopher Ryan Sanfrey, 28, of Wilmington, had his term of community controls revoked and replaced by a 12-month prison term following violations of community control rules.

Originally Sanfrey was placed on community controls after he did not inform authorities of a change of address. The underlying sex offense that triggered his reporting responsibilities was a third-degree misdemeanor conviction in a 2009 case.

A court paper states the defendant had complied with reporting until he became homeless in late 2018, and apparently did not understand he needed to report his homeless status to the local sheriff’s office.

Prosecution did not oppose the original community controls sanction for failing to report.

One of the rules of his community controls was to successfully complete a program at the STAR Community Justice Center. However, he was medically discharged from STAR after admission.

In September 2019, he tested positive for methamphetamine, amphetamine, marijuana and alcohol. He admitted to recently using methamphetamines and marijuana, but denied use of alcohol.

Then, in early October, a prosecutor filed a request to revoke community controls, alleging the defendant did not report to the Probation Department and did not comply with I-Sampson drug testing protocols. Moreover, Sanfrey admitted to using meth on Sept. 30 and the next day.

Sitting Clinton County Common Pleas Judge William B. McCracken (retired) ruled Sanfrey will serve a 12-month prison term — a punishment that was suspended while the defendant was being compliant with community control rules. The judge granted credit for the 102 days the defendant already spent in jail on the case.

In other recent sentencings:

• Tiffany Renee King, 27, of Franklin, Ohio, received a nine-month prison term after she was convicted of three counts of receiving stolen property in Clinton County and one count failing to appear in court. She also must pay $1,306 in restitution to a victim, plus all the court costs. The defendant was granted credit for 83 days already served in the case.

Three charges against King were dropped in the negotiated settlement: identity fraud, possessing criminal tools, and possessing drug paraphernalia.

• TJ Burns, 30, of Blanchester, was placed on a two-year term of community controls on a conviction for aggravated possession of drugs (F5). The defendant received a suspended six-month jail term, with credit granted for eight days spent in incarceration. The defendant also must pay all court costs.

• Originally convicted of failing to appear in court (F4), Robert E. Stewart, 48, of Sabina, now has had his community controls revoked and given a six-month prison term (with 65 days credit for time spent in custody). Although strictly speaking the sentence is classified as a state prison term, the defendant will serve the remainder of the term in the local Clinton County Jail, stated a court paper. The defendant must pay all court costs.

• Found guilty of aggravated possession of drugs (F5) in Clinton County, Kenneth H. Dunaway, 46, of Georgetown, received a two-year term of community controls. The community control sanctions include a suspended six-month jail term that can be imposed if he violates community control. The defendant must also pay all court costs.

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By Gary Huffenberger

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