Keep kids safe during trick-or-treating

By Connie Wall - Contributing columnist

Ahhh, autumn. My favorite time of year. Cooler weather, no bugs, and Halloween!

Ghosts are floating, skeletons are rattling, pumpkins are grinning and the kiddos are trick or treating. Good times … and to keep the good times rolling it’s important to review with your kiddos some simple Halloween safety rules.

1. All costumes and parts of costumes should be fire resistant – no burns please!

2. Avoid masks! They can make it hard to see and your little one could fall and get hurt.

3. Reflective tape on costumes or coats! Make them glow when lights shine on them so they don’t get hit by cars. Even slow-moving cars can still have trouble stopping if a little one darts in front of it.

4. If using make-up be sure it is non-toxic, and try a bit before they go out. Nobody wants a rash on Trick or Treat Night!

5. Make sure all makeup is off before they go to bed. It’s no fun trying to get green and purple body make out of white pillow cases!

6. Send an adult or responsible older child with your little ones even if they are just going to a few houses. You never know what kind of ghoul might be lurking!

7. No entering strange houses or cars, ever!

8. No eating treats until they get back home with you! Check it and throw away anything that looks weird or suspicious.

9. Look three times before crossing the street. We all like ghosts, but we don’t want to be one!

10. Have fun, but don’t damage property or be mean to others! Someone could do the same to you so behave out there.

So now that we have reviewed the rules, go forth and have a spooky and spectacular Halloween!

Connie Wall BSN, RN is with the Clinton County Health District.

By Connie Wall

Contributing columnist