Throwback Thursday: Martinsville High

News Journal

These are some highlights from the News Journal on Oct. 30, 1965:

National headlines

‘Marines Rout Cong’s Human Wave Assault’

“SAIGON, South Viet Nam (AP) — U.S. Marines, using pistols and fighting hand-to-hand from their tents, beat off a ‘human wave’ assault by the Viet Cong in the early morning darkness today 10 miles southwest of Da Nang. A U.S. military spokesman said 56 Viet Cong, many of them teenagers, were killed. He described casualties among the 300 Marines as moderate. One Marine squad, however, was badly mauled. Two of its 14 men were killed and the rest wounded.”

• ‘Luci Hinted To Wed Soon’

JOHNSON CITY, Texas (AP) — Eighteen-year-old Luci Johnson and her boyfriend, Pat Nugent of Waukegan, Ill., are spending the weekend at the LBJ Ranch amid unconfirmed reports they are here to seek President and Mrs. Johnson’s permission to marry.

• Saturday night TV listings included “Grand Ole Opry”, “Jackie Gleason”, “Shindig”, “Flipper”, “King Family”, “I Dream of Jeannie”, “Lawrence Welk”, “Get Smart”, “Jimmy Durante” and “Gunsmoke.”


• ‘The Hurricane Gets the Big One!’

The Wilmington Hurricane gridders ran their record to 5-3 but 5-0 in the South Central League with a 28-0 win over Washington Court House. Leading the ‘Cane were “battering-ram fullback” David Murphy and “the league’s best quarterback” Jim Conner. Tim Moreton caught a touchdown pass and Bill Peelle caught a pass for extra points.

• “Wilmington Should Elect The Best Man, Not Just A Good Man as Mayor” stated a campaign ad for Richard W. Babb. Another ad for Wilmington Councilman-at-Large Franklin Nichols simply asked, “Have I Served You Well?” Others stated, “Vote on November 2nd! Support Robert B Mead”; “In the Interest of Continued Improvement of our Schools Vote For Willard E. Lane”; and “Vote For Roderick Telfair, Democratic Candidate Councilman At Large.”

• Obituaries were listed forMrs. Oma Bullen, 72, of near Port William; Mrs. Ella Kinnamon of Port William; and Walter Johnson of Columbus and formerly of Wilmington.

• The drive-in was having its “Shock ‘N Shindig Show” featuring “Kiss of the Vampire”, “The Curse of The Fly” and “Devils of Darkness.” The Murphy Theatre was set to show “Topo Gigio’s First Full-Length Movie” with “The Magic World of Topo Gigio, The Italian Mouse.” County Historical Society

News Journal