Throwback Thursday: Kingman Class of ‘28

These are some highlights from the News Journal on November 22, 1920:

National headlines

‘Good News’

“WASHINGTON (AP) — President Wilson is now able to walk about the White House without even the aid of a cane, it was stated today. He uses his wheelchair only for the purpose of occasional relaxation, it was said.”


‘Club winners enjoyed trip’

“Clinton County was represented with one boy and five girls during Boys’ and Girls’ Club Week at the Ohio State University, Columbus last week. The winners from this county were George M. Barr, Westboro; Thelma Fisher and Maivel Bernard, New Vienna; Edith Green, Martinsville; Helen Sims, Wilmington; and Beatrice Hartman, Sabina.”

‘Pony Contest To Be Given’

“The Wilmington College Boosters Club is opening a contest among the grade school children of Clinton County with a thoroughbred-Shetland pony as the reward for the school child who obtains the most votes in the contest. Votes are to be given on the basis of new and renewed memberships in the organization.

‘ Teacher is Upset’

“Miss Nell Skeen, teacher of Silver Creek school near Martinsville, escaped without injury from an accident that might have proved very serious and observers wonder how it happened that she and the boy riding with her in the buggy were not badly hurt. Her horse became frightened at a huge snowman along the side of the road, and leaping to one side, dashed the buggy against a telephone pole. The vehicle was damaged considerably, the horse ran away and the occupants of the buggy were thrown out, but nobody was hurt.”

• Katz & Bonecutter in Wilmington advertised Men’s Heavy Ribbed Union Suits, normally $3.25, for only $2 and Big 3 Blue Overalls on sale for $2.75.

• “See Mildred Harris Chaplin in her first picture for First National, ‘The Inferior Sex’ at the Lamax Theatre.”

• “The Yani Club will meet in the evening with hostess Mary Barrett and leader Lucille Lieurance with the topic “Labor Leader or Capitalist.”

• “The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Webb Murphy, of Chicago, are pleased to greet them while they are here for a brief visit.”

• “The English Club will meet with Mrs. George Barns on Fulton Avenue.”

• “For Itching Torture, Use Antiseptic Liquid Zemo. Any druggist can supply you with Zemo.”

• “Car No. 1, Government grade Minnesota Potatoes, now on Pennsylvania track. R.P. Barrett & Son, Phone 147. Delivered if desired.”

• “Hot Lunch: A good hot lunch anytime you want it, at the Busy Bee Restaurant. Fresh oysters and dressed rabbits now on sale.” County Historical Society