BPD: Juvenile charged with theft from home

News Journal

BLANHCESTER — A juvenile was charged after jewelry as well as a pet were reported taken from a home.

According to a news release from Blanchester Police Chief Scott Reinbolt, in April police were called to a home where a resident reported that her minor child’s turtle had been stolen from the home.

Further inquiry revealed that someone had entered the home during the daytime hours, taking not only the turtle and his food, but also some jewelry.

This is the second pet the youth had lost in the past two years, said Reinbolt, adding that the youth’s dog ran away in 2017.

Ptl. Micah Day and Cpl. James Beckelhymer processed the crime scene for evidence.

Over the next few weeks officers interviewed numerous teenagers around town to try to locate the turtle or to get any leads on the burglary. By mid-May they were able to identify a suspect, a teen neighbor of the complainant, said Reinbolt.

At the end of May the case was sent to the Clinton County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for review for appropriate charges. “Unfortunately, the turtle was never located,” said Reinbolt.

On Wednesday Ptl. Kristen Jeffers signed paperwork charging the teen suspect with being a delinquent child by reason of committing the felony crime of burglary, said Reinbolt. The suspect will answer the charge in the Clinton County Juvenile Court.

“In many communities a crime like this would receive scant attention from the police,” said Reinbolt. “I hope our residents share my pride in the police officers who investigated this case. They understand that a burglary in which a turtle and jewelry were taken is just as important as a burglary in which diamonds and jewels were taken. They have my thanks.”


News Journal