Man’s four-year prison term re-instated after his early release

By Gary Huffenberger -




WILMINGTON — An area man was granted an early release after serving a year in prison for robbery, but he then broke rules of community control and now must serve the remainder of his original four-year prison sentence.

William Paul Hamilton, 37, of Hillsboro and formerly of Wilmington, demanded money from a Doan Street neighbor while Hamilton brandished a knife back in May 2016.

According to a law enforcement affidavit at the time, Hamilton entered his neighbor’s unlocked apartment, picked up a large fixed-blade knife and entered a bedroom where the victims had been sleeping. After Hamilton demanded money, he and a male victim began fighting and the victim received a cut on his right forearm.

The struggle moved to the living room and Hamilton eventually ran from the apartment, stated the affidavit.

As part of the negotiated settlement that led to Hamilton pleading guilty to robbery (F2), prosecution indicated it wouldn’t object to an early release provided 12 months had been spent in prison, Hamilton’s prison record was positive, and admittance into the STAR Community Justice Center was a requirement.

He did end up completing a behavior-modification program at the STAR facility where he spent 127 days.

After a year and a half, however, Hamilton tested positive for meth and other substances and admitted to using meth, alcohol, and marijuana, according to court papers.

A second violation of the community control requirements occurred when he did not report to his supervising probation officer for nearly three months and he also failed to appear for a Clinton county Juvenile Court hearing.

Clinton County Common Pleas Judge John W. “Tim” Rudduck revoked Hamilton’s community controls and ordered that he resume serving the four-year prison term. Credit was granted for 728 days already spent in custody in the state prison, the county jail, and in the STAR facility at Franklin Furnace, Ohio.

In another case where the defendant saw his community controls revoked, Christopher Cody Floyd, 38, of the Clarksville area, now must serve a 16-month term of prison, minus 127 days credit for time already spent in custody.

Court papers state it took over three years to serve the defendant a copy of the April 2012 indictment alleging he trafficked in meth, a fourth-degree felony. And then, it took two years to apprehend the defendant for sentencing after he was released on bond.

Floyd’s original sentence was a two-year term of community controls that was pronounced at a hearing where he was advised he faced the possibility of a prison term lasting 16 months if he broke the conditions of community control.

Shortly after his sentencing, he failed to report to his supervision officer for over 10 months. He then was given more restrictive sanctions and ordered to complete the STAR program. After seven days at STAR, the defendant wanted to sign himself out of the program and efforts to get him to reconsider did not work, stated officials.

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By Gary Huffenberger