New Richmond students injured during active shooter drill

NEW RICHMOND, Ohio (AP) — Multiple Ohio middle school students were injured during an active shooter drill, according to the school’s principal.

New Richmond Middle School Principal Court Lilly wrote a letter to parents explaining that a few students fell to the ground and “sustained some bumps and bruises” during a drill Tuesday. Another student suffered a cut on her eyebrow.

Emergency personnel treated two students at the scene, WXIX-TV reported

The school participated in an ALICE drill, which stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate.

An alarm went off in the school’s cafeteria during the first lunch period and then Lilly entered, acting as a shooter, the letter said.

“I pose as the active shooter,” Lilly wrote. “I utilize air horns to simulate the noise level that would take place in a real event.”

Some students weren’t aware of the proper evacuation procedure which led to “a chaotic few moments,” he wrote.

Lilly said it’s “obvious” that the school needs to develop a more effective evacuation plan for the cafeteria.