New look, more relevant Page 4

The News Journal plans a new look — and improved content — for the daily Opinion page (Page 4).

It’ll soon no longer have the “Opinion” banner across the top, nor contain national editorial cartoons or as many out-of-town (and out-of state) columns and editorials.

We’ll still publish — usually on Page 4 still — all our locally written columns, including Randy Riley’s plus Sen. Portman’s and Sen. Brown’s columns, as well as Letters to the Editor, still clearly marked as “Opinion” or “Their/Your View.”

We’d also continue to publish Today in History, as well as Ohio-based editorials, columns and news that we believe to be important.

In short, our news space will stay the same size but with better and more relevant content for you, and we’ll no longer be “locked in” to the same daily template on Page 4. The “news hole”, as we call it, will remain exactly the same, but with what we believe would be better content/more news.

We welcome your comments at Thank you. — Tom Barr, editor