Man charged with rape in WCH

Wilson allegedly found heavily intoxicated with 2 juveniles at hotel

By Ryan Carter -



WASHINGTON C.H. — A 53-year-old Washington C.H. man is facing a rape charge after he was allegedly found heavily intoxicated with two female juveniles in a Holiday Inn Express hotel room.

Just after 1:30 a.m. Monday, the Washington Police Department received a complaint about the man later identified as Jeffery T. Wilson, 7 Sunny Drive. An employee at the Holiday Inn Express, 101 Courthouse Parkway, advised that two young girls were upset and seeking help because “their parent/guardian was walking around the hotel nude,” according to reports.

Police arrived and made contact with the girls, who told officers that Wilson was “extremely drunk and scaring them.” The two also said they called their biological mother to pick them up from the hotel. Police were also told that Wilson was nude in front the girls and that he was urinating all over the hotel room.

When police went to the room, the door was propped open, reports said. Once inside, police said a strong odor of urine and alcohol was coming from the room.

Officers attempted to wake Wilson as he was now asleep on the bed. After yelling for him to respond and shaking him, Wilson finally woke up but could not formulate a sentence, according to reports. He had to be assisted up and to his feet prior to his arrest.

Police spoke with the juveniles further, but officers were not able to determine why the girls were brought to the hotel. Several empty beer bottles and a bottle of rum were observed in the room.

Wilson was arrested on two counts of endangering children, and was transported to the Fayette County Jail.

On Tuesday, police obtained a search warrant for Wilson’s cell phone and two memory cards. Police said that photographs and videos of a naked juvenile, who was one of the victims in the hotel room, were on the memory cards.

One of the photos also allegedly showed Wilson making sexual contact with one of the girls.

Police interviewed Wilson and he allegedly admitted to making sexual contact with the girl while she was sleeping, reports said. At this time, Wilson was also charged with rape. The girl is reportedly under the age of 13.

Wilson is being held in the Fayette County Jail on a $28,000 bond. The incident remains under investigation.

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Wilson allegedly found heavily intoxicated with 2 juveniles at hotel

By Ryan Carter