Petition suggests medical marijuana for Browns, Bengals fans

COLUMBUS (AP) — Petitioners are again asking the State Medical Board of Ohio to consider adding anxiety and autism spectrum disorders to the list of conditions that qualify for a doctor to recommend medical marijuana for patients.

The conditions suggested in the second round of petitions the board received also include a football-related ailment: being a fan of the Cincinnati Bengals or the Cleveland Browns, both teams coming off disappointing seasons.

Don’t expect that proposal to make it very far as a board committee reviews the petitions next month. Board members consider information from medical experts and scientific evidence before deciding whether to add a condition to the list.

The panel received 28 petitions for potential new qualifying conditions during the latest window for such submissions — far fewer than in the initial round — but hasn’t yet released details about who submitted each petition and the arguments they made.

The list already includes conditions such as AIDS, cancer, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease. Last year, the board rejected petitions to add anxiety and autism spectrum disorders.