Does our Constitution need a facelift?

The Alliance for Compassion and Truth will be hosting the second in a three-session series of Conversations that Count Saturday. Once again, our reading material is the U.S. Constitution.

In our initial gathering, we reviewed the events that took place for the eventual drafting and adoption of the core document in 1789, quickly followed by the first 10 amendments, better known as the Bill of Rights. Since that time 17 more amendments have been added, four of them dealing with voting rights. That is a remarkable track record for a basic agreement crafted over 230 years ago.

This Saturday, we’ll discuss whether it’s time to freshen our sacred document for the next 250 years, based on experiences, and, yes, observable weaknesses.

To that end, our focus will be Article Two, the second presumably co-equal branch of government, the office of the president. We will dare to ask if Article two gives the president, whoever that person is, the assigned power to do whatever they want. Are there changes we might suggest if we were delegates to a Constitutional Convention?

Clearly, in the limited time we have — 10:15-11:45 a.m. — our conversations can only scratch the surface of even this one section, but in a spirit of respect and openness, let us read the article and discuss what we believe it says. Let us explore together what we would like it to say.

And for all that, let us again be in awe of the authors who could never envision the world in which their founding document continues to be revered, even if not always as we might wish.

Bring your copy of the U.S. Constitution, your curiosity and comments and join us for Conversations That Count, 10:15-11:45 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 8 at the Wilmington Public Library.