Ohio police say woman lost $2,400 in ‘grandparent scam

MANSFIELD, Ohio (AP) — A woman lost $2,400 in a so-called “grandparent scam” after receiving a call that her grandson was in jail, police in Ohio said.

The 76-year-old woman in Mansfield in north-central Ohio received the call Wednesday from a man claiming to be her grandson’s lawyer, according to Mansfield police.

The Mansfield News Journal reports the woman wired $2,400 via Western Union, but then grew suspicious after the man called again and asked for $8,400.

The woman learned by contacting family members her grandson was fine, but it was not possible to retrieve the initial payment, police said.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office regularly warns to be aware of such elder scams. The office recommends that when in doubt, ask the caller a question only the family member would know how to answer.