Ohio group unveils new decks of cards aimed at solving homicides

CINCINNATI (AP) — An organization in Ohio that distributes playing cards featuring homicide victims and descriptions of where their murders occurred to try to help solve the crimes unveiled two new decks Sunday.

The new Cold Case Playing Cards decks were unveiled at a news conference at the Hamilton County Justice Center in Cincinnati. Members of the advocacy group UCanSpeakForMe said they are placed in Ohio prisons, jails and other lockup facilities as crime-fighting tools. The group’s CEO, Hope Dudley, said she hopes they will spark conversations among inmates and encourage people to come forward with tips to help law enforcement solve the cases.

The cards feature photos and information on homicide victims from Hamilton, Butler and Montgomery counties in southwest Ohio.

“More than 108 of our client families provided written permission to make this undertaking a success,” Dudley said.

Dudley, whose son was killed in a drive-by shooting in 2007, said it’s reassuring to victims’ families to know the cards are in prisons throughout the state.

“Justice is the best outcome for closure,” said Dudley, whose son’s case remains unsolved.

“This program gives us hope to solve cold case homicides, ” said Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil, whose office helps fund the effort.