SkyStar observation wheel to be replaced with bigger wheel

CINCINNATI (AP) — The SkyStar observation wheel that provides views of Cincinnati will make its last rotations along the Ohio River next month.

The large Ferris wheel has glowed in the city’s skyline for over a year but will stop on March 1. It will be dismantled and replaced with a larger wheel.

The new wheel will open March 5, 2021, and will be 30 feet taller than the current one, said Todd Schneider, managing partner of the St. Louis-based SkyStar company.

Schneider says the new 180-foot-tall wheel will be designed to last 40 years. He says the wheel will resemble a glowing “O” because the middle of the wheel is constructed with steel cables instead of solid steel beams.

The current observation wheel will be moved to San Francisco for the 150th anniversary of Golden Gate Park.