Man accused of raping child arrested, jailed

News Journal

A Blanchester man charged Monday with rape of his 8-month-old child has been arrested and jailed.

According to Blanchester Police Chief Scott Reinbolt, Steven Broughton, 29, was a patient at Clermont Mercy Hospital after being involved in a vehicle accident Sunday, having fled the apartment he shares with the mother of the child before police arrived, after the mother of the child called to report the alleged crime.

“Prosecuting Attorney Rick Moyer prepared a court order requiring Clermont Mercy Hospital staff to notify us, in advance, of Broughton’s release from the hospital,” Reinbolt stated in a news release Tuesday afternoon. He said Clinton County Municipal Court Judge Mike Daugherty signed that court order Monday and a Blanchester police officer served the order to the hospital.

Shortly before 3 p.m. Tuesday, the staff at Clermont Mercy Hospital notified Blanchester police of the impending discharge of Broughton, he said.

“Two Blanchester police officers immediately responded to the hospital, where they placed Broughton under arrest, then transported him to the Clinton County Jail,” said Reinbolt.

He said he anticipates that Broughton will be arraigned Wednesday in Clinton County Municipal Court.

News Journal