BPD: Young teen has reaction to illegal drug

News Journal

BLANCHESTER — At around 4 p.m. on Tuesday, March 3, a 14-year-old girl came to the police station reporting that she had smoked marijuana within the past hour and that she was having a negative reaction to the drug, according to Blanchester Police Chief Scott Reinbolt

An ambulance was summoned, as were her parents.

“Both the ambulance and her parents arrived at the police station, and the girl was transported to Clinton Memorial Hospital,” stated Reinbolt. “Medical personnel believe she was under the influence of some drug, but testing was not able to determine what it was.

“Ptl. Kristen Jeffers tracked down the source of the marijuana — a 13-year-old Blanchester resident and classmate of the girl. He admitted they smoked marijuana together at the boy’s home after school, but stated he had suffered no ill effects.”

He said the boy voluntarily surrendered all of his remaining marijuana, and that his father was contacted and briefed on the situation.

“Based on the information currently available, it appears some foreign substance had been added to the marijuana before it was ingested,” said Reinbolt.

“Ptl. Jeffers’ makes it a point to know the children and teenagers in our community,” added Reinbolt. “That knowledge was instrumental in permitting her to rapidly address this issue by locating the source and getting this substance out of circulation. I commend her.”


News Journal