Blanchester Local Schools announces break plans; will livestream board meeting, explains change of venue

News Journal

“The administrative staff made the decision Friday to not provide lessons to students, but to give parents/students different educational resources they could access,” Blanchester Local School Superintendent Dean Lynch announced.

“We also made the decision to use our ‘One Call Now’ system to communicate information to parents and students. Building principals made calls Friday and will continue making calls related to their respective buildings as needed. The Superintendent’s Office will make calls related to district level information and updates.”

Meeting change

The board of education announced that — due to Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s order to close all schools and to limit mass gatherings — the March board meeting at 7:30 p.m. Monday, March 16 has been moved to the Board Office at 951 Cherry St.

“In an effort to allow the public to inform itself of the steps being taken by their representatives while avoiding having large groups in the same room, the school board will be live-streaming their March 16, 2020 meeting on the district’s Facebook page, Blanchester School Board CommuniCATor.” The board will continue to allow public participation on agenda items.

Blanchester Superintendent Dean Lynch told the News Journal Saturday that the meeting change is due to the governor’s orders and public health concerns— not because of a potential large audience concerned about the proposed job cuts to be addressed Monday night.

“We have a lot of excellent teachers working in Blanchester,” Lynch said. “I honestly believe the actions of one teacher accusing the board of acting in such manner is not a reflection of the others. However, I realize some teachers are unhappy with the reductions the board will make on Monday and I completely understand and don’t blame them. The board or I don’t like it either.

“However, the board was given no choice when the one-percent income tax levy failed and the Ohio Department of Education’s directive to get our five-year forecast solvent in years 2022, 2023 and 2024.

“It’s either the board make cuts or the Ohio Department of Education will come in and make the cuts for them. Our community has voted and the board of education has the opportunity to honor the voter’s decision.”

News Journal