Clinton County has urgent need for donations of disposable gloves, masks, face shields and gowns; also, sign-up to volunteer

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The Clinton County Board of Commissioners is calling on residents to help out with some local shortages and urgent needs.

First responders and medical facilities are in need of donations of disposable items including gloves, face masks, face shields and gowns, Commissioner Mike McCarty told the News Journal.

If you have any of these disposable items, please contact the Clinton County Health District.

Sign-up to volunteer

“The response to the COVID-19 pandemic will be fought and won at the local level; this is a battle that will rival the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic and have far-reaching consequences,” said Clinton County EMA Director Thomas Breckel.

“We may find ourselves in a situation where our county will need an army of volunteers to step up and give a hand to the front-line effort of our first responders and medical professionals. Volunteers may be needed to fill a range of roles from making calls from home, helping at a food pantry distribution site, or tracking supplies being used and issued to first responders.

“Fact is, we don’t know what we’ll need help with yet, but we know we will need help at some point,” Breckel added.

If you are a healthy adult and able to volunteer for your community, please fill out the volunteer form at the following link:


The point of contact for any questions dealing with the volunteer pool is Misty Dixon at .

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