Ohio lawmakers pass election bill

News Journal

COLMUBUS – State Representative Shane Wilkin (R-91st District) announced Thursday that the legislature has approved a major package of legislation to address COVID-19 outbreak-related issues in Ohio, including its impact on the 2020 primary election

The measure, House Bill 197, received strong support from Republicans and Democrats and now goes to Gov. Mike DeWine for his signature.

“I felt it was really critical that we give everyone a clear path forward on the 2020 primary election,” said Wilkin. “This legislation will provide that, as well as address a range of other issues related to the Coronavirus pandemic”.

The primary election in-person voting was cancelled due to the public health crisis.

Ohioans that were eligible to vote on March 17, 2020, will be able to cast their ballot by mail on or before April 28, 2020. The Ohio Secretary of State will mail all voters a postcard informing them on how they will be able to request their ballot by mail from their local county board of Elections.

The board will send them their ballot and a postage paid return envelope. If you prefer, you may also go online and download the application for an absentee or call your local board of elections and make the request.

Wilkin said the plan will have no effect on those Ohioans that took advantage of early voting. Their votes will be counted, he said.

“While this is not the in-person voting many of us are accustomed to, this is a good plan, a bipartisan plan, this will ensure the voice of all Ohioans is heard as our state and our nation weather the storm of this global pandemic,” Wilkin said.


News Journal