Clinton County eateries inspected

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WILMINGTON — The following information is obtained from the Clinton County Health Department and is compiled from inspection reports.

Violations are either critical or non-critical. Critical violations are more likely to contribute to food contamination, illness or an environmental health hazard, including inadequate cooking of food items or poor personal hygiene.

For a more detailed description of critical and non-critical violations, or to file a public health or food safety complaint about a restaurant, contact the Clinton County Health Department by calling 937-382-7221.

The following restaurants or food service establishments were inspected recently and violations/comments include:

• Family Dollar, 303 E. Main St., Wilmington, March 11. Critical: Outdated products: Prairie Farms lactose chocolate milk (Feb. 26), lactose-free vitamin D milk (March 1), low-fat lactose-free milk (March 8), half-gallon low-fat chocolate milk (March 8) P3 protein snacks (Feb. 20). All foods must be used, cold or discarded by the use-by date.

Floors had trash throughout the facility.

Follow-up: Approx. April 11.

• Ferno, 70 Weil Way, Wilmington, March 13. Pre-licensing. Critical: Salads and wraps found expired. Person in Charge removed and corrected.

Four microwaves are household use only. Commercial equipment must be used.

• Sams Meats & Deli, 1209 W. Locust St., Wilmington, March 13. Complaint/Consultation. Received complaint regarding handling meat with no gloves. Recommend using gloves to help with controlling hand-touching and consumer perception at this time.

• Kairos Coffee, 1593 Rombach Ave. Wilmington. Towel on counter and under milk containers/ All towels must be used for cleaning/wiping purposes only. Please remove towels and use paper towels for drips then throw away. Spoon being stored in standing water (in pitcher) in-between uses. All equipment must be washed between uses or stored in hot water (135° or above) or in continuously running water (like ice cream well). Please remove from service and provide enough utensils to stir product then wash, rinse and sanitize.

• Donatos Pizza, 860 Rombach Ave., Wilmington, March 12. Follow-up. No gnats today. Still working on getting steaming info.

• South Street Wine Cellar, 64 Main St., Wilmington, March 11. Everything looks good. Thank you!

• Wilmington Child Care, 1600 Alex Drive, Wilmington, March 11. Everything looks good!

• #1 China Buffet, 1587 Rombach Ave., Wilmington, March 13. Consultation. Ohio Department of Health has recommended that salad bars and food buffets close until further notice. Left copy of email from Ohio Department of Health. Used Google Translator.

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