CM school board sets virtual meeting

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Based on some new legislation that the governor should sign soon, Clinton-Massie Local Schools is able to hold a virtual board meeting. We will be following the same agenda except we’ve deleted the executive session.

At 7:30 p.m. Monday, March 30, you can log on to and/or call in to 1-470-285-0002 and give PIN: 898389460 (you’ll be asked to press the # key after entering the PIN).

We will be asking all listeners/watchers to identify themselves in order to create a “sign-in” sheet. You will need to turn off your video and mute your phone/microphone until told to un-mute it during the public participation portion of the meeting only.

If you do speak or text in a question/comment (text 937-303-8069) during the meeting, you will be required to state/text your name and address just like we do in a normal meeting.

We will also be attempting a live stream at .

A pdf of the agenda for you to print and follow along at home. If you cannot print it at home, there are copies available in the wooden Sharing Library box outside the Middle School entrance.

For a copy of the agenda, visit .

Submitted article