Blan PD: Man arrested who threatened 2 with compound bow

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BLANCHESTER — Police arrested a man after they say he threatened to kill his fiance and a child while the suspect was drunk on moonshine whiskey.

Shortly before midnight on Saturday night police responded to the 100 block of W. Burrough St. after the Sheriff’s Office dispatch center received a 911 call from that residence and the caller hung up, according to a news release from Police Chief Scott Reinbolt.

“When dispatchers called the number back, a woman at the residence told them police were not needed. Officers responded anyway,” said Reinbolt.

He said BPD Sgt. Gary Mowen, Ptl. Cainan Miles and Ptl. Sarah Luken arrived at the residence and spoke to Rose Spruengli, 46, and her two children, ages 13 and 18, as well as Spruengli’s fiancé who also resides in the home, Daniel Sturgill, 32.

“Ms. Spruengli stated she called 911 after a domestic dispute broke out in the home. She said she believed the situation had been brought under control and therefore hung up the phone.

“According to those present, Mr. Sturgill, who had been drinking moonshine whiskey and was intoxicated, got into an argument with the two children,” said Reinbolt. “He then threatened to kill the 13-year-old. When Ms. Spruengli intervened, he threatened to kill her as well. Sturgill then began to load a compound bow inside the house and Ms. Spruengli called 911.”

Officers placed Sturgill under arrest and charged him with two counts of domestic violence.

Three compound bows — which utilize cables and pulleys to bend the bows’ limbs — were seized from the home.

”Sturgill has been charged with domestic violence on two prior occasions, once in 2017 and again in 2018, both times in Clermont County,” said Reinbolt. “Those cases resulted in convictions for disorderly conduct instead of the original charge of domestic violence. The leniency in those cases was apparently ill-advised.

“This afternoon Ptl. Ian Courtney contacted the Alternatives to Violence Center, a group which advocates for domestic violence victims, to ask them to reach out to the victim in this case,” said Reinbolt. “We were dumbfounded when a representative of that organization informed us that they are currently not actively intervening in cases due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sturgill will answer the current charges in the Clinton County Municipal Court.

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