County now at 7 cases; DeWine gives updates on testing

By Tom Barr -

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine gives his daily briefing Friday.

The Ohio Channel

Clinton County now has seven confirmed cases of COVID-19, with two of those hospitalized, according to county officials Friday morning.

The age range is 32 to 78.

The total of confirmed cases has risen from three to five to six to seven during the past four days.

The total amount of confirmed cases in Ohio stands at 3,312, including 288 ICU admissions, 895 hospitalizations and 91 deaths.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine stated Friday at his daily briefing and via Twitter, “In regard to more COVID-19 testing, we need more testing and we need results quicker. As far as quicker results, it’s starting because hospitals are no longer going to outside labs. This is important that we get the results back quickly.”

He said The Ohio State University and Ohio Department of Health are “collaborating to fill a few critical holes in testing. Because of supply chain problems, we can’t always get the swabs and tubes and transport liquid. OSU and ODH will make sure these are produced in Ohio.

“Also, there is a shortage in the chemicals or reagents necessary to run the tests. Again, we have a group working on that to make sure these are available. The testing is complex and we are working to ramp up testing. That won’t be set up overnight, but we are making progress.”

DeWine also said, “I’d like to take a moment to recognize and thank Ohio’s teachers and school administrators. As we know, we are in unfamiliar territory as distance learning is in full effect across the state.”

He said the state has gathered best practices and created a Remote Learning Resource Guide available on the Department of Education website and at .

DeWine added that the Ohio National Guard has advised, “Our computer networks are running at a higher capacity because more people are working from home, so it’s important to protect the network. Change your passwords. Make sure your kids are practicing good cyberhygiene. Update your antivirus software.”

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine gives his daily briefing Friday. Gov. Mike DeWine gives his daily briefing Friday. The Ohio Channel

By Tom Barr