UPDATED: 3 more confirmed cases over past 24 hours in Clinton County

By Tom Barr - tbarr@wnewsj.com

WILMINGTON — Clinton County’s total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases went from nine to 12 in the past day — seven women and five men — ranging in age from 28 to 78, according to county officials. Four are hospitalized, and four have recovered.

The youngest case was previously a 32-year-old; the 28-year-old is now the county’s youngest confirmed case.

For more information on the virus and statistics, go to the Clinton County website www.covidcc.com .


The State of Ohio now reports 5,148 confirmed cases in Ohio, with 472 ICU admissions, 1,495 hospitalizations and 193 deaths.

“However, because Ohio can currently only test the sickest individuals and those working on the, the total number of cases is most certainly higher,” according to Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine on Wednesday.

At his daily briefing and via Twitter, DeWine said, “I was very saddened this morning to learn that @DRCOhio Corrections Officer John Dawson has died from the coronavirus. John was 55 years old and from Mansfield. He was a corrections officer at the Marion Correctional Institution and worked there since 1996.

“He tested positive for #COVID19 on March 30th and was the second officer to test positive in the Marion facility. He worked in the control center handing out equipment to staff. He had underlying health conditions. Our hearts go out to John’s family, his friends, and his co-workers. You are in our prayers.”

Regarding personal protective equipment, he said, “There is still a critical need for PPE in Ohio. You know that Battelle now has the ability to sterilize 160,000 N95 masks each day b/c we don’t have enough masks. There are people in nursing homes, first responders, people in hospitals who don’t have masks. We are trying to get more masks into the state, but this is a struggle. So the use of Battelle and the sterilization of these masks is very, very important.

“I want to make a public plea to everyone using these masks — every mask is precious. Please do not throw them away. We can reuse them up to 20 times because of this Battelle technology. When you throw a mask away you are depriving someone else of having a mask because we only have so many.”

DeWine added, “I also want to take a moment to thank our children services workers. They are going above and beyond to ensure our children are safe during this pandemic. What you are doing every day is vital, and we are grateful for your efforts to protect Ohio children”

He said Ohioans “need to step up and check in on the children we know and love. So, if you suspect abuse or neglect, please call 855-OH-CHILD.”


By Tom Barr