Dayton woman charged with exposing others to virus

CINCINNATI (AP) — Authorities have jailed a 28-year-woman believed to be positive for COVID-19 and charged with exposing others to it.

The Hamilton County sheriff’s office said Stephanie (also known was Lauren) Incarnato of Dayton, Ohio, allegedly shoplifted more than $1,000 worth of groceries Tuesday from a suburban Cincinnati Kroger store in Sharonville.

Besides felony theft and two drug possession counts, she is accused of failing to take measures to prevent exposing others to “a dangerous, contagious disease” that she had cause to believe she has. Police said that was based on her own statements. It is a second-degree misdemeanor under Ohio law.

Hamilton County Sheriff’s spokesman Dave Daugherty said Wednesday she is being held in isolation and being monitored my jail medical staff in Cincinnati. A message for comment was emailed to a public defender assigned to her.