HealthFirst extends grant deadline

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WILMINGTON – HealthFirst for Clinton County announces the deadline extension of the organization’s upcoming grant cycle due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

HealthFirst for Clinton County will now accept grant applications until Friday, May 29, 2020. The grant application and budget form have been updated and can be found on HealthFirst for Clinton County’s website. Applicants will also be required to submit a detailed one-page narrative with their completed applications.

Clinton County-based 501(c)3 organizations, government entities, non-profit organizations, and otherwise tax-exempt groups that work to promote the good health of residents in Clinton County are eligible to apply.

HealthFirst will also have another grant cycle later this year. Organizations cannot apply for grant money in both grant cycles for the same project.

Additionally, we would like to remind the community that HealthFirst is open to proposals for projects or programs related to helping our community deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. HealthFirst is looking to financially support eligible local organizations that have concrete proposals to mitigate this developing crisis. This request is separate from our normal spring grant cycle.

We ask that you email us at as soon as possible with details regarding your organization’s work and the amount of your request so that we can consider your eligibility for funding. We will expedite the consideration of COVID-19 proposals.

HealthFirst for Clinton County is a visionary organization and welcomes and funds innovative ideas, such as care delivery methods and services, or re-imagined outreach methods for at-risk communities. Patient care support is often necessary in promoting the good health of community members, and HealthFirst supports medication assistance, free health and wellness screenings, vaccination initiatives, and other similar programs.

Since December 2010, HealthFirst has awarded more than $1 million to numerous community organizations. HealthFirst also operates the Patient Medication Assistance Program (PMAP) in a collaboration with the Clinton County Commissioners and the Clinton County Health District. PMAP helps area residents apply for free and/or reduced cost medications from major drug-makers.

For more information about HealthFirst for Clinton County or to locate the grant application go to www.healthfirst-cc-oh. .

Submitted article