WNJ debuts monthly Clinton County real estate transfers

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The monthly list of real estate transfers in Clinton County is provided by the Office of Clinton County Auditor Terence Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

February 2020

PRG / Don Properties LLC to Scott and Jill Hasselbach and to Eric and Patricia Howland, 413 and 423 and 433 and 445 Clark Street, Wilmington, $565,000 per property or total of $2,260,000.

Phyllis B. Oliver to Oliver Preservation Trust, 2277 Chaney Road, no sales amount.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Geneva M. and Richard A. Avery, 115 South First Street, Clarksville, no sales amount.

Verona L. Roush to Darrell R. and Pamela S. Baker, 2457 Jenkins Road, $36,000.

Doris Ann Zurface to Randy L. and Doug Zurface, 1729 Carter Road, Carter Road, Peelle Road, Burristown Road, and 348 Grassy Run Road, no sales amount.

Adam Popson IV to Paula Hicks, 7556 Rosewood Drive, Blanchester, $122,000.

Sam Christensen to Tax Ease Ohio LLC, West Road, no sales amount.

Harold and Elizabeth Curry to Dylan J. Tharp, 952 Xenia Ave., Wilmington, $125,000.

Janet J. Brown, Terry L. and Rebecca J. Cramer, Richard A. and Sarah L. Hudson, and Rodney and Deborah A. Laufer to Janet J. Brown, Richard A. and Sarah L. Hudson, and Rodney and Deborah A. Laufer, 981 Thorpe Road, $32,370.

Carl C. and Rhonda G. Holzhauer to Jason Harrell, 0 (zero) Brimstone Road, $272,000.

Russell M. Marshall to Sharon K. and Paul C. Heal, 3816 State Route 350, $53,000.

Todd and Nancy Riehle to Shawn M. and Christin Hodge, 1229 Old State Road, $30,500.

Georgeta Predoiu and Richard J. Roush to William Eugene Smith, Hunt Road, $37,000.

Kyle Rhoads to Virgil P. and Patricia M. Wirebaugh, 279 Alumni Circle, Wilmington, $170,000.

Jack and Deborah Wilson to Eric Wilson, 1262 Halpin Road, no sales amount.

Kevin Lee Walker and Mary Ellen Ziegelmeyer to Priscilla Laws, 256 West Fancy Street, Blanchester, $119,100.

Sarah A. Hale to SF Homes LLC, 5580 State Route 73, 5580 State Route 73, 5618 State Route 73, and 5630 State Route 73, $180,000 per each of four properties or total of $720,000.

Kyley R. McGuire and Kryss H. McDonald to Michael D. and Carolyn S. Kidd, 7520 Brock Drive, Blanchester, $132,900.

TL Land Development LLC to LT Land Development LLC, U.S. Route 68, U.S. Route 68, 1115 U.S. Route 68 North, Nelson Avenue, and Nunn Avenue, no sales amount.

John C. Halley to Tara Beth Rankin, Katie Ann Rancher, and Jacob Craig Halley, 580 Oakridge Drive, Wilmington, no sales amount.

Walter J. and Dollie S. Peelle to Alisha Renee Tackett, 471 Hiatt Avenue, Wilmington, $115,000.

Gary N. and Kimberley R. Kahlhamer to Kevin L. and Rayna L. Lantrip, 6646 State Route 134 South, $177,000.

Anthony William Falgner Inc. to Anthony William Falgner, 7344 Willow Drive, Blanchester, no sales amount.

USA Homeownership Foundation Inc. to Gayla D. Sears, 3260 Second Creek Road, $65,000.

Colleen Ellen Bricker to Georgann Quallen, 291 Jodie Lane, Wilmington, $150,000.

Shelby Jean Evans to Evans Preservation Trust, 79 College Street and College Street, Wilmington, no sales amount.

Herbert L. Wical Sr. to Brenda M. and Robert E. Vandemark Jr., 187 Vine Street, Sabina, $35,000.

AC & CJ Enterprises LLC to Charlotte Elaine Foreman, 50 Third Street, Third Street, Main Street, Main Street, Main Street, Main Street, Clarksville, $85,000 per each of the six properties or total of $510,000.

Travis P. Burton to Richard A. and Kimberly J. Burton, 144 Morgan Street, Sabina, $22,000.

Latashia Stiltner and Nicholas Mitchell to Christina Schnetzer, 27 Church Street, New Vienna, no sales amount.


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