City of Wilmington curbside recycling pickup to resume a week from today on April 27

News Journal

WILMINGTON — City of Wilmington residents can place their blue toters at the curb again beginning Monday, April 27.

The city suspended recycling March 23 after implementing minimum staffing and after Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) identified the activity as a heightened risk for COVID-19 exposure.

As the understanding of the virus evolved, OSHA recently released new guidance for sanitation workers, lowering the risk of contact exposure for recyclables, as well as yard waste bags and brush.

Mayor John Stanforth stated, “Residents are experiencing disruptions everywhere in their lives. I’m pleased we can resume these services for them while still keeping our employees safe.”

Superintendent Mike Crowe added, “Safety for my crew is my top priority, as is customer service. With this new guidance, we can safely resume certain aspects of our residential pick-up routes.”

Recycling, yard waste bags, and brush pick-up all resume April 27.

Bulk item pick-up poses a heightened exposure risk and remains suspended.

Please contact the Sanitation Department at 937-382-6474 if you have questions regarding these services.

News Journal