Clinton-Massie HS principal: Teachers going above and beyond

High school revises grading scale

By Gary Huffenberger -

CLINTON-MASSIE — With all the teachers finding themselves in a completely new environment from a brick-and-mortar school, the Clinton-Massie High School principal said he couldn’t pick just one person for the new Brian Mudd Teacher of the Month honor, so he’s recognized the entire staff.

High School Principal Aaron Seewer said teachers are going above and beyond, reaching new levels as they try new platforms in a time of electronic instruction.

Seewer gave a report during a virtual meeting of the school board Monday, the same day Governor DeWine advised Ohio K-through-12 educators and parents that students will not return to their on-site classrooms this academic year.

Naturally, talk about the shift to distance learning occupied much of the board of education session.

Seewer noted the high school’s revised grading scale under the unexpected and sudden switch to distance learning. Having empathy and support for the students, Clinton-Massie educators do not want to see any student fail during these circumstances, he said.

Thus, no student at the high school will fail the 4th quarter.

There is however a good faith expectation. “Our professional educators continue to operate under the expectations of providing ‘good faith’ efforts to educate and support students. Our expectation is that students will invest similar efforts to access, complete, and participate in these provided learning opportunities,” according to CMHS grading guidelines for 4th quarter 2020.

In terms of participation and completing assignments, the school will utilize Progressbook to account for student engagement and participation in activities such that both students and parents can continue to monitor progress, participation and feedback.

Seewer said all high school teachers are making themselves available during morning and afternoon “office hours” when they can be contacted electronically by students or parents.

Some staffers are going “above and beyond” for student engagement and support, he said, via Google hangouts, video chats, and Zoom meetings.

Board member Mike Goodall said there will be cost savings to the school district from not needing to pay for bus diesel fuel and not paying for substitute teachers, but those savings may be offset by an impact on tax payments from residents’ job losses.

Superintendent Matt Baker reported that about 100 students in the district have limited or no internet access.

Athletic Director Cindy Running said there will be a virtual athletic banquet this spring.

She recommended to the board that a junior varsity boys soccer coach be added due to the popularity of the boys soccer program.

Treasurer Carrie Bir reported Clinton-Massie was awarded about a $35,400 grant from the Ohio Department of Education’s school bus purchase program to go toward a new school bus.

In personnel matters, Educational Aide Brenda Jones, Speech/Language Pathologist Carol Rickey, and Intervention Specialist Sheila Fankhauser will be retiring.

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High school revises grading scale

By Gary Huffenberger