Blan annual 4th of July event canceled

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BLANCHESTER —The 2020 Red White and Blanchester Blue 4th of July event has been canceled.

The Blanchester Area Chamber of Commerce announced the news Friday night “with the heaviest of hearts … the Chamber board has known in their minds what they must do. But their hearts were having a hard time letting go.”

The Chamber stated, “With the potential of the impacts of COVID-19 likely to stretch on for many weeks, even if the all-clear is given soon, at this point the Blanchester Area Chamber of Commerce board members do not feel confident that they could deliver the kind of safe, quality experience that has become the signature of the Blanchester 4th of July Festival.”

Chamber President Lisa Beach said, “While the festival is important to all of us, protecting people is paramount. With hot weather approaching, the thought of kids going up and down slides one after the other, and being in a bounce house close together”, the Chamber feels that, under the circumstances, they can’t take chances.

Beach said, “The town has already suffered so much loss, with the downtown fire, we don’t need any more devastation.”

She added that funding is also a concern — they simply don’t have the funds; the virus has made it to where people can’t afford to donate, and some are afraid to rent booths.

Beach also said that a fall festival may be possible.

The Blanchester Area Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to having the 4th of July Festival in 2021, and thanks the community for their continued support and understanding, and hope that the community members will continue to abide by safe social distancing, wash hands often, and stay home as much as possible.

Beach said, “Working together as a community, we can keep this virus out of our town, and out of our homes.”

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