Clinton County Municipal Court sets Warrant Amnesty Program; come in now before warrants, license blocks begin

Warrants, license blocks to begin

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WILMINGTON — Normally, when a person does not attend a mandatory Court hearing, the court issues an arrest warrant or forfeits their driver’s license. Since March, the number of missed hearings has increased in Clinton County Municipal Court.

Because of the Public Health Emergency, the Court delayed action on those cases.

It is time, however, for the warrants and license blocks to begin. Judge Daugherty would rather allow people another chance to come to court than cancel their license or order their arrest.

Effective immediately, if you have missed any court hearing for any reason, you may come to Clinton County Municipal Court any weekday by 8:45 a.m. to have your warrant cancelled and get a new hearing date, without penalty for delay.

When you arrive at the welcome desk, tell the bailiff that you are there to report for a missed court date. The bailiff will direct you to the clerk’s office, so that they can find your file for the judge.

The judge will consider your case that same day, and give you a new hearing date. If you need an appointed lawyer, you may apply for one while you are there.

Everyone attending Municipal Court is required to wear a face covering over nose and mouth, and practice social distancing.

Please do not bring other people to court with you to court. Please do not bring children to court.

Clinton County Municipal Court is located in the Wilmington Municipal Building, 69 N. South St., Wilmington.
Warrants, license blocks to begin

Submitted article