CC BOE holds post-election audit

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WILMINGTON — With the completion of Wednesday’s post-election audit by the Clinton County Board of Elections, the county’s certified 2020 Primary Election Official Results have been verified to be accurate, according to a news release from the BOE.

The board had previously certified the official results at their meeting on Thursday, May 14.

Ohio election law requires a post-election audit of the certified results by each county following most elections. The audit calls for a hand count of the results from three countywide races that total at least 5% of the total ballots cast in the election.

Of the three races, one is selected by the Ohio Secretary of State and two are selected by the board. The race selected by the Ohio Secretary of state for this election was for the Democratic Delegates-at-Large and Alternates-at-Large to the National Convention.

The Clinton County Board of Elections selected the Democratic race for Representative to Congress – 15th District and the Republican race for County Recorder. Hand counts of the ballots for these races from two randomly drawn precincts, Liberty and Union South A, equaled 5.3% of the total ballots cast in the election and matched the certified official results tabulated electronically by the board’s election system.

“It goes without saying this unprecedented election was a challenge for voters, candidates and even election administrators,” said Shane C. Breckel, Clinton County Board of Elections Director. “The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on elections has been tremendous. We are already working hard to ensure the lessons learned from this Primary lead to actionable improvements by our state legislators to the elections process ahead of the November 2020 Presidential Election.”

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