Surprises good one for local ag intern

Macel Stowers - Contributing columnist

OSU student Macel Stowers is confident she chose the right industry for her.

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Interns — the coffee-run monkeys and paperwork junkies.

These are the thoughts I had when starting my first internship, but boy was I wrong.

My name is Macel Stowers. I will be a sophomore at The Ohio State University where I am majoring in Agriculture Communications along with a minor in Production Agriculture. This summer I’m working with Bane-Welker Equipment as a sales and marketing intern for the Eastern Territory.

My entire life I have been involved in many different aspects of agriculture; from livestock to machinery, I’ve enjoyed every step of the way.

During my time here at Bane-Welker, I have worked with all the Ohio stores and created a marketing plan that showcases six new products from our vendors or outside vendors, along with four products already being sold in Bane-Welker stores.

These products were chosen by the other interns and me. Once we chose our products, we were challenged to create marketing plans, and let me tell you … that was hard.

With only one year of college under my belt and just one marketing class — that was finished online due to Covid-19 — being underqualified would be an understatement.

As the week went by, I met with Sam, the retail sales development specialist; basically, Sam works in training and developing employees and interns at Bane-Welker Equipment.

We went over my plan and I expressed my feelings to her, and to my surprise, Sam shared a story very similar to the situation I was in at that time. Thanks to Sam’s advice and my determination, my presentation was a hit, and those watching our live YouTube video gave me encouraging words along with much-needed advice.

This experience really shows what type of people work in the agriculture industry and who it takes to feed America.

The past week I traveled outside of my hometown of New Paris, Ohio, and into Wilmington, Georgetown and Eaton. Although these places are all very different in terms of store size, number of employees, customers and products, there is one thing that stays the same, and that’s hospitality and kindness.

I always thought that when started my first internship that it would be hard and that everyone would look down on me, but not in the agriculture industry. Every customer and employee has looked at me the same way they look at a team member or a new customer, and that is what made me realize that this is where I belong — in the American agriculture industry.

Through this summer I will be writing some funny stories and sharing my struggles and how I pushed through. Look for my next segment in the News Journal.

And as a current Buckeye, I can never end a story without the famous and most meaningful phrase to my alma mater … Gooooo Bucks!

Macel Stowers is a summer intern with Bane-Welker Equipment and a student at The Ohio State University.

OSU student Macel Stowers is confident she chose the right industry for her. student Macel Stowers is confident she chose the right industry for her. Submitted photo

Macel Stowers

Contributing columnist