Lawsuit: Abusive Ohio State doc placed above accountability

COLUMBUS (AP) — A former Ohio State University student health director acknowledged he knew of a doctor’s practice of conducting a genital exam on every patient he saw, according to an updated lawsuit against the university over the doctor’s abuse.

Ted Grace confirmed in a deposition that such behavior was unusual and not meant for ailments like “a bloody nose,” according to the updated lawsuit unsealed this week.

The lawsuit also alleges that several Ohio State medical staff believed the university placed team doctor Richard Strauss above accountability.

Hundreds of former students allege decades-old sexual abuse and mistreatment by Strauss. The men can’t confront Strauss, who died in 2005. No one has publicly defended him. The updated lawsuit includes allegations by 14 additional victims.

Ohio State said in May it will pay about $41 million to settle a dozen lawsuits by 162 men. Multiple other lawsuits are still pending.

Grace, who now has a similar role at Southern Illinois University, has declined to comment. He told The Southern Illinoisan last year he did his best in a difficult situation and is “the only one who did anything at all.”

A message was left Wednesday with Ohio State seeking comment.