Reported Ohio virus cases tick up; deaths jump over 1 day

COLUMBUS (AP) — The number of confirmed and probable coronavirus cases reported to the Ohio Health Department has risen slightly while the number of reported deaths sharply increased, officials said Tuesday.

Gov. Mike DeWine said the increase in the number of cases reported Tuesday can’t be explained simply by an increase in testing.

Ohio now has nearly 52,000 confirmed and probable cases, with a one-day reported increase of 743 compared to 737 on Monday. Results typically reflect tests conducted in the past 36 hours, but could involve people showing symptoms for up to two weeks.

The Health Department reported a one-day spike of 45 deaths, more than twice the 21-day average of 21 daily deaths.

DeWine has pleaded with Ohioans to continue diligently with hand washing, socially distancing and and mask wearing, and has continued to raise warnings about spikes in reported COVID-19 cases in two southwestern Ohio counties, Hamilton and Montgomery.

Some of the strongest opposition has come from DeWine’s own party, as fellow Republicans in Warren County and six western Ohio counties have accused him of going too far, especially with the state’s shutdown orders, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported Tuesday.