Renovations may cost $5.2M

Perfection Group President Tony Apro shows the Clinton County commissioners the projected price breakdown of work to three county-owned buildings on Monday. The project includes extensive work to the Clinton County courthouse, prosecutor’s office and Veterans’ Service Commission’s office and is projected to cost $5.2 million, currently.

WILMINGTON — Renovations to the Clinton County courthouse, prosecutor’s office and Veterans’ Service Commission’s office could cost $5.2 million.

The Clinton County commissioners heard more details about proposed renovations to the three buildings from Perfection Group, which was chosen in April to renovate them.

No contract has been signed yet, and the commissioners took no action Monday.

For the first time, a scope of work and price was mentioned during the meetings.

Perfection Group president Tony Apro started with the price, more than $5.2 million.

“We’re starting with the peak of the dome, and we’re going all the way to the blades of the grass,” said David Blevins, Perfection Group’s director of the green building solutions team. “So every surface on the exterior of the building will be touched, cleaned, tuck-pointed between the rib joints and sealed. … It’ll look like it’s new again.”

$1.4 million in funding has been set aside in a capital improvements fund specifically for courthouse renovations and repairs. Funding could be increased using money from the sale of Clinton Memorial Hospital to Regional Care Hospital Partners.

Using hospital sale money wouldn’t impact the wind-down money that the commissioners intend to use to create a legacy fund.

During its initial presentation in April, Perfection Group presenters promised a price guarantee, protecting the county from change orders that would increase the price.

The work would include roof work, lighting upgrades and masonry restoration at all three locations, including the dome of the courthouse. Heat would be added to the second floor of the Veterans’ Service Commission’s office, and the courthouse and prosecutor’s office would have windows and HVAC systems replaced.

Apro and Blevins suggested the window replacements could wait more than the other items.

The two most expensive items were the $1.9 million HVAC system replacement and $1 million masonry restoration and dome work for the courthouse. Blevins said the courthouse roof needs replacing because water damage is apparent. That roof, he said, had a life expectancy of at least 30 years.

“One of the things we want to look at is how can we save some energy and help fund some of the upgrades we’re talking about,” said Blevins.

For example, Blevins said steam systems, like the one the courthouse uses, are inefficient. A modern HVAC system would cut those costs. He said further savings would be realized from capital savings and reduced repair needs.

Blevins also said a lot of the work intended for the courthouse would minimize invasion and interference and keep up the appearance of the courthouse.

The commissioners scheduled a work session Wednesday to continue discussion about Perfection Group’s project.

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