Friends of Galvin Park group funds new security cameras for police surveillance

Friends of Galvin Park group funds cameras

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The cameras and WPD watch over Galvin Park 24/7.

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WILMINGTON — Galvin Park has a whole new layer of security thanks to the efforts of the Friends of Galvin Park (FOGP), which has been working to secure donations and funding from grants for the past year in order to purchase two high-resolution security cameras.

The cameras were recently purchased after Chief Ron Cravens of the Wilmington Police Department and Jermaine Isaac, Park Superintendent, studied both community need and available equipment.

The funding goal was met this past spring by FGOP, and Verkada Security cameras were purchased and installed.

Many organizations helped make the camera purchase a reality through the award of grants or donations, including the City of Wilmington and the Parks and Recreation Department, Antique Power Club (Corn Festival organizational body), the Wilmington-Clinton County Chamber of Commerce Safety Council, and donations from private citizens.

Without the generosity of these groups, the purchase of the cameras would not have been possible.

Julie Bolton, Executive Director, had a chance to meet with Chief Cravens and view the camera monitor in the Police Department Dispatch room.

There are two cameras installed overlooking Galvin Park — one is a large panoramic view camera, and the other is specifically set to monitor activity in the gazebo and the shelter house.

“The resolution is remarkable,” said Bolton, “and the night vision is very clear. We witnessed a couple of people walking through the park at night and they were told to clear out and reminded of the park rules.

“We really hope this surveillance capability helps catch perpetrators who vandalize the gazebo and shelter house while cutting down on illegal activity in the park.”

Heat-mapping allows dispatchers and officers to focus on moments when activity is detected by the cameras, then the video can be slowed or frozen to study the activity. The cameras are equipped with night vision mode so that activity that happens after dark can be monitored.

All city parks close at sunset, so any activity after dark in the Parks is in violation of city ordinances.

Verkada cameras are state-of-the-art technology with a live feed 24/7 to the Police Department, and include facial recognition software. They are tamper-proof and weatherproof.

The Wilmington Public Library has generously donated the use of their private WiFi to accommodate the connection to WPD.

Chief Cravens hopes to purchase additional Verkada cameras for the David R. Williams Memorial Park Splash Pad and Castle Park — two areas that have been prone to vandalism. Infrared (IR) lights can assist with detail in the night vision camera function, and he’s hoping to obtain those as well.

The partnership between the Friends of Galvin Park, the Wilmington City Police Department, and the Parks and Recreation Department, has been instrumental in reducing crime and vandalism in Galvin Park.

If you are interested in finding out more or possibly donating to the Police Department fund to obtain more cameras for other parks in the city, contact the Friends of Galvin Park Executive Director Julie Bolton at or the Wilmington Police Department at 937-382-3833.

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The cameras and WPD watch over Galvin Park 24/7. cameras and WPD watch over Galvin Park 24/7. Submitted photos
Friends of Galvin Park group funds cameras

Submitted article