More results from 2020 county fair

Submitted by - OSU Extension, - Clinton County

Editor’s Note: A partial listing of results from the 2020 Clinton County Fair continues below. The News Journal is publishing the results over several days as space allows.

Clinton County Fair 2020 awards include:

2020 Pygmy Goat Show

Class 1 Wether 3-6 months old – 1st Luke Johnson, 2nd Alexis Murphy, 3rd Emily Siler, 4th Mackenzie Osborne, 5th Mallory Thomason. Class 2 Wether 6-9 months old – 1st Makayla Thomason, 2nd Alison Carson. Class 4 Wether 12-18 months old – 1st Chloe Chambliss, 2nd Nikita White, 3rd Brian White, 4th Mallory Thomason. Class 5 Wether 18-24 months old – 1st Kindyl Pell.



Class 6 Wether 2 years and under 3 years – 1st Alexis Murphy, 2nd Mallory Thomason, 3rd Cheyenne Strider. Class 7 Whether 3 years and under 4 years – 1st Luke Johnson, 2nd Chloe Chambliss, 3rd Cheyenne Strider. Class 8 Wether 4 years and older – 1st Makayla Thomason, 2nd Alexis Murphy, 3rd Ally Montague.



Class 9 Doe 3-6 months old – 1st Lydia Siler. Class 10 Doe 6-9 months – 1st Elizabeth Carson. Class 11 Doe 9-12 months old – 1st Makayla Thomason, 2nd Lydia Siler. Class 12 Doe 12-18 months old – 1st Mallory Thomason, 2nd Makayla Thomason.

CHAMPION JUNIOR DOE – Makayla Thomason.

RESERVE JUNIOR DOE – Mallory Thomason.

Class 13 Doe 2 years old and under 3 – 1st Nikita White, 2nd Mackenzine Osborne. Class 14 Doe 3 years old and under 4 – 1st Alexis Murphy, 2nd Lydia Siler, 3rd Mallory Thomason. Class 15 Doe 4 years and older – 1st Mallory Thomason, 2nd Emily Siler, 3rd Makayla Thomason, 4th Nikta White, 5th Luke Johnson.

CHAMPION SENIOR DOE – Mallory Thomason.



RESERVE PYGMY DOE – Alexis Murphy.

Mother & Kid Class – 1st Luke Johnson, 2nd Mallory Thomason, 3rd Makayla Thomason, 4th Mackenzie Osborne, 5th Lydia Siler.

PEEWEE SHOWMEN – Senior ages 14-18 – 1st Mackenzie Osborne, 2nd Makayla Thomason, 3rd Cheyenne Strider, 4th Emily Siler.

SENIOR SHOWMAN – Mackenzie Osborne. Intermediate ages 12-13 – 1st Lydia Siler, 2nd Nikita White.

INTERMEDIATE SHOWMAN – Lydia Siler. Junior age 10-11 – 1st Mallory Thomason, 2nd Alexis Murphy, 3rd Brian White.

JUNIOR SHOWMAN – Mallory Thomason. Beginner ages 8-9 – 1st Chloe Chambliss, 2nd Kindyl Pell, 3rd Ally Montague.

BEGINNER SHOWMEN – Chloe Chambliss. 2020



2020 Market Chicken Results

Class One Single Fryer

1st Anna Davis, 2nd Place MayaAnn Murphy, 3rd Anastasia Newberry, 4th Gregary Achtermann, 5th Issac Newberry, 6th Maxwell McDermott.

Class Two Single Fryer

1st William Hildebrandt, 2nd Chloe Taylor, 3rd Lydia Murphy, 4th Brian White

Class Three Single Fryer

1st Ava Hester, 2nd Henry Hildebrandt, 3rd Cassidy Bradley, 4th Jackson Meisterhans, 5th Emma Rumpke, 6th Aidan Hester

Grand Champion Single Fryer- Ava Hester

Reserve Champion Single Fryer- Henry Hildebrandt

Class One Single Roaster

1st Anna Davis, 2nd Warren Murphy, 3rd Caidance Latham, 4th Sarah Pell, 5th Brooklyn Niemeyer

Class Two Single Roaster

1st Chelsi Knisley, 2nd Brooke Knisley, 3rd Isaak Adae, 4th Noah Adae, 5th Jill Hudson, 6th Teddy Murphy

Class Three Single Roaster

1st Ronald Florea, 2nd Charles Pell, 3rd Chloe Taylor, 4th Mackenzi Oeder, 5th Kennedy Goings, 6th Madison Gudorf

Class Four Single Roaster

1st Myah Jones, 2nd Zachary Bradley, 3rd Wyatt Philpot, 4th Oliver McDermott, 5th Elliot Pell, 6th Aiden Philpot

Class Five Single Roaster

1st Bradenna Arehart, 2nd Owen Begley, 3rd Levi Begley, 4th Austin Bene, 5th Caitlyn Lakes

Class Six Single Roaster

1st Madison Taylor, 2nd Colton Doyle, 3rd Ashley Doyle, 4th Dirk Rinehart, 5th Alia Hester, 6th Olivia Potts

Class Seven Single Roaster

1st Hailey Fugate, 2nd Mason Taylor, 3rd Jackson Doyle, 4th Sydney Doyle, 5th William Hildebrandt

Class Eight Single Roaster

1st Madison Pembleton, 2nd Weston Knapp, 3rd John Michael Streety, 4th Jozie Jones, 5th Orin Potts, 6th Alycia Barker

Class Nine Single Roaster

1st Emma Rumpke, 2nd Henry Hildebrandt, 3rd Ethan Shepherd, 4th James Rumpke, 5th Cassidy Bradley, 6th Anna Malone

Grand Champion Single Roaster- Madison Taylor

Reserve Champion Single Roaster- Hailey Fugate

Class One Meat Pen of Three

1st Lydia Murphy, 2nd Oliver McDermott, 3rd Wyatt Philpot, 4th Isaac Newberry, 5th Anastasia Newberry

Class Two Meat Pen of Three

1st Aiden Philpot, 2nd Jackson Meisterhans, 3rd Brian White, 4th Maxwell McDermott, 5th Austin Bene, 6th MayaAnn Murphy

Class Three Meat Pen of Three

1st Mackenzi Oeder, 2nd Brooklyn Niemeyer, 3rd Zachary Bradley, 4th Isaak Adae, 5th Noah Adae, 6th Nikita White

Class Four Meat Pen of Three

1st Chelsi Knisley, 2nd Madison Gudorf, 3rd Dirk Rinehart, 4th Weston Knapp, 5th Caidance Latham, 6th Kennedy Goings

Class Five Meat Pen of Three

1st Bradenna Arehart, 2nd Aidan Hester, 3rd James Rumpke, 4th Ethan Shepherd, 5th Alia Hester, 6th Ava Hester

Class Six Meat Pen of Three

1st Sydney Bennett, 2nd Brooke Knisley, 3rd Jill Hudson, 4th Torie Potts

Grand Champion Meat Pen of Three- Bradenna Arehart

Reserve Champion Meat Pen of Three- Sydney Bennett

Swine Breeding Show & Showmanship


Duroc December – 1st Reese DeBold, 2nd Aaron Rolfe Duroc January – 1st Wade Smith, 2nd Gracee Stewart, 3rd Nathan Vest, 4th Samantha Achterman, 5th Devon Snyder. Duroc February – 1st Luke Johnson, 2nd Mitchell Bean. RESERVE – Reese DeBold GRAND – Wade Smith. Hamphire January – 1st Samantha Achtermann. Hampshire February – 1st Haley Schneder. GRAND – Haley Schneder RESERVE – Samantha Achtermann. Yorkshire December – 1st Kegan Smithson. York January – 1st Halie Byrum, 2nd Brody Fisher, 3rd Mitchell Bean, 4th Samantha Achtermann. RESERVE – Hallie Bryum. GRAND – Megan Smithson. Spot December – 1st Madison Abt, 2nd – Preston Dixon. Spot January – 1st Parker Dixon. RESERVE – Preston Dixon. GRAND – Madison Abt. Poland China December – 1st Jaden Snyder. GRAND – Jaden Snyder. Chester White January – 1st Jessee Stewart, 2nd Kegan Smithson. GRAND – Jesse Stewart, RESERVE – Kegan Smithson. Landrace January – 1st Mason Snyder. GRAND – Mason Snyder. Hereford December – 1st Raley Roak. Hereford January – 1st Wade Smith, 2nd Kai0716den Smith, 3rd Wyatt Riddle. RESERVE – Kaiden Smith. GRAND – Wade Smith. Berkshire December – 1st Presont Dixon, 2nd Emery Pauley, 3rd Haley Schneder. Berkshire January – 1st Parker Dixon, 2nd Emery Pauley. Berkshire February – 1st Emma Riddle. RESERVE – Emery Pauley. GRAND – Preston Dixon. Tamworth December – 1st Wade Smith. GRAND – Wade Smith. Crossbred December – 1st Reese DeBold, 2nd Samantha Woodruff, 3rd Audrey Wilson, 4th Madison Abt, 5th Emery Pauley CROSSBRED RESERVE – Samantha Woodruff. CROSSBED GRAND – Reese DeBold. Crossbred January 1st class – 1st Jaden Wilson Barr, 2nd Wade Smith, 3rd Haley Schneder, 4th Mitchell Bean, 5th Kale Boeckman. Crossbred January 2nd Class – 1st Samantha Woodruff, 2nd Haillie Bryum, 3rd Carter Carey, 4th Emery Pauley, 5th Kolten Smith. Crossbred February – 1st Claire Wilson, 2nd Kegan Smithson, 3rd Nathan Vest, 4th Kendall DeBold.

GRAND OVERALL – Reese DeBold. GRAND RESERVE OVERALL – Samantha Woodruff. 3rd Overall – Wade Smith, 4th Overall Madison Abt, 5th Overall Wade Smith.

Jr. Showmanship Class 1 – 1st Jaden Wilson Barr, 2nd Emma Riddle, 3rd McKinzey DeBord,

4th Aaron Rolfe, 5th Preston Dixon, 6th Cayden Smith. Class 2 – 1st Audrey Wilson, 2nd Wade Smith, 3rd Emery Pauley, 4th Kendall DeBold, 5th Samantha Woodruff, 6th Kaiden Smith.

Class 3 – 1st Kegan Smithson, 2nd Gracie Rose, 3rd Parker Dixon, 4th Reese DeBold, 5th Claire Wilson, 6th Raley Roark. RESERVE CHAMPION JR. SHOWMANSHIP – Audrey Wilson. CHAMPION JR. SHOWMANSHIP – Claire Wilson. Sr. Showmanship Class 1 – 1st Samantha Achtermann,

2nd Mason Snyder, 3rd Madison Abt, 4th Mitchell Bean, 5th Zach Vest. Class 2 – 1st Jaden Snyder, 2nd Deven Snyder, 3rd Haley Schneder, 4th Kale Boeckman, 5th Kyle Bryant, 6th Carter Carey. CHAMPION SR. SHOWMANSHIP – Samantha Achtermann. RESERVE CHAMPION – Jaden Snyder.

Submitted by

OSU Extension,

Clinton County