More results from the 2020 Clinton County Fair

Submitted by - OSU Extension, - Clinton County

Editor’s Note: A partial listing of results from the 2020 Clinton County Fair continues below. The News Journal is publishing the results over several days as space allows.

Clinton County Fair 2020 awards include:

Sheep Showmen

PeeWee Showman – Senior Ages 17-18: 1st Madison Gilbert, 2nd Paige Bryant, 3rd Madison Wells, 4th Kori Kile. Senior Age 16 – 1st Gabbi Croghan, 2nd Marci Ellis, 3rd Jacob Lansing, 4th Paige Bowman, 5th Haylee Wright, 6th Peyton Garen. Senior Age 15 – 1st Dakota Collom, 2nd Lexus Reiley, 3rd Kyle Bryant, 4th Shaleigh Duncan, 5th Justin Arnold. Senior Age 14 – 1st Devon Snyder, 2nd Liz Schiff, 3rd Jordan Collom, 4th Henry Hilderbrandt, 5th Dylan Arnold.

SENIOR SHOWMAN – Madison Gilbert. Intermediate age 12-13 – 1st Gracie Wallen, 2nd William Hilderbrandt, 3rd Emily Arnold, 4th Lauren Humphries.

INTERMEDIATE SHOWMAN – Gracie Wallen. Junior Age 10 – 1st Kaiden Smith, 2nd Alexis Murphy.

JUNIOR SHOWMAN – Kaiden Smith. Beginner Age 9 – 1st Brody Hackney.


2020 SHEEP SHOWMAN OF SHOWMEN – Madison Gilbert.


Beef Showmanship Feeder Calves

Beginner Division Ages 8 & 9 Class 1- 1st Carson Barton, 2nd Parker Dean, 3rd Mason Cone, 4th Wyatt Leaming. Junior Division Ages 10 & 11 Class 2 – 1st Cory Kidd, 2nd Shelby Leaming, 3rd Ty Tucker, 4th Leah Myers. Class 3 – 1st Hayden Shumaker, 2nd Morgan East, 3rd Matt East, 4th Wyatt Zurface. JUNIOR DIVISION WINNER – Hayden Shumaker. Intermediate Division Ages 12 & 13 Class 4 – 1st Sydney Schneder, 2nd Kole Justice, 3rd Braxton Starkey, 4th Regan Harris. Class 5 – 1st Taylor Barton, 2nd Ethan Gibson, 3rd Aubrey Myers, 4th Madison Gudorf. Senior Division Ages 14 & Older Class 6 – 1st Haley Dean, 2nd Delaney Schneder, 3rd Makenna Maddis, 4th Cody Kidd, 5th Autumn Medley. Class 7 – 1st Chelsey Zurface, 2nd Ethan Gibson, 3rd Aubrey Myers, 4th Madison Gudorf.


SHOWMAN OF SHOWMEN — Chelsey Zurface.


Market Goat Showmanship

PeeWee Showman Senior Age 18 – 1st Kylie Price, Bailey Corcoran. Senior Age 17 – 1st Cadin Reveal, 2nd Madison Gilbert, 3rd Chloe Deck. Senior Age 16 – 1st Anastasia Newberry, 2nd Remington Smith, 3rd Aidan Hester, 4th Zach Vest, 5th Noelle Robertson, 6th Mikala Hatfield. Senior Age 15 – 1st Ashley Doyle, 2nd Cody Kidd, 3rd Emma Bryant, 4th Bailey Ritt, 5th Shaleigh Duncan, 6th Daniel Stevenson. Senior Age 14 – 1st Jaden Snyder, 2nd Ava Hester, 3rd Aiden Price, 4th Brooklyn Niemeyer, 5th Elle Dunham, 6th JD Duncan.

CHAMPION MARKET GOAT SENIOR SHOWMAN – Jaden Snyder. Intermediate Age 13 – 1st Wade Collett, 2nd Katie Curry, 3rd McKinzey DeBord, 4th Sydney Doyle. Intermediate Age 12 – 1st Landree Stump, 2nd Sydney Schneder, 3rd Mitchell Ellis, 4th Madison Harris, 5th Sydney Bennett, 6th Riley Gerber.

CHAMPION MARKET GOAT INTERMEDIATE SHOWMAN – Landrea Stump. Junior Age 11 – 1st Taylor Collett, 2nd Isabelle Coats, 3rd Carson Henry, 4th Isaac Newberry, 5th Scarlett Patterson, 6th Gentry Smith. Junior Age 10 – 1st Kaiden Smith, 2nd Cory Kidd, 3rd Jillian Arledge, 4th Aisley Czaika, 5th Riley Binkley, 6th Cooper Dillion.



Cat/Small Animal Cage Decoration

1st Lexi Arehart McBrayer, 2nd Ellis Smith, 3rd Carolyn Koch, 4th Owen Koch (cat), 5th Owen Koch (cavy) 6th Tristan Hedge. Cavy Project & Record Book – 1st Owen Koch. Purr-fect Pals – 1st Owen Koch. Climbing UP – 1st Carolyn Koch, 2nd Elizabeth Smith. Pet Rabbit – Lexi Arehart McBryer, 2nd Tristan Hedge.


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OSU Extension,

Clinton County