Clinton County real estate transfers

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This list of real estate transfers within Clinton County is provided by the Office of Clinton County Auditor Terence Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

Adam C. Davis to Rick E. Lawson, 1848 Center Road, $212,000.

MidFirst Bank to Repa Painting & Remodeling, 111 South Clark Street in Blanchester and another Clark Street property, $40,000 and $40,000 for a total of $80,000.

Design Holdings LLC to Rebecca Blackburn, Cobble Stone Lane, Clarksville, $27,900.

Nicholas E. Gibson to Craig T. Young and Catherine Kayla Slade, 4433 State Route 73 West, $150,000.

Gregory E. and Christina L. Dell to Sheney Ho, 430 Douglas Street in Wilmington, $142,000.

William E. and Lisa M. Reveal to Nathanial G. Powell, 403 Cemetery Road, Martinsville and a Florence Street property in Martinsville, $78,500 and $78,500 for a total of $157,000.

Gold Street Homes LLC to Magdalenah K. Crawford , 225 High Street in Wilmington and another High Street property in Wilmington, $113,000 and $113,000 for a total of $226,000.

J. Stuhlman Family Revocable Living Trust to Stone Hay LLC, McKibben Road, $365,000.

William R. and Lisa Klaue to Klaue Properties LLC, 1419 Antioch Road, no sales amount.

John E. and Michelle A. Williamson to Traci D. and Charles F. Schneider, 10329 State Route 28, $150,000.

June A. Cosler to Barry A. and Lori J. Cosler, 1985 State Route 730, $180,000.

Eric M. Harden to Scott C. and Kelly A. Ashford, 1792 Mitchell Road, $510,000.

Kruszka Family Revocable Living Trust to Timothy K. and Karen P. Heinrich, 38 Loving Lane, $300,000.

Susan F. Salisbury to Chelsea and Coty Burton, 1301 State Route 350 East, $173,500.

NRZ Pass-Through Trust VII to NRZ Reo VII LLC, 295 West Sugartree Street in Wilmington, no sales amount.

Mary R., Mark Edwin and Michael Lawrence Huber to Emily J. Speakman, 7511 Lynwood Drive in Blanchester, $135,000.

Eric Mason to Isaac J. Prewitt, 412 South Broadway Street in Blanchester, $77,400.

Clyde W. and Kathleen J. Carpenter to Clinton County Land Reutilization Corporation, 187 Lynchburg Road, no sales amount.

Henize Family Trust to Robin G. Vaugh and Bryan Davis, 1349 Lanyard Lane in Wilmington, $189,000.

Evans Family Trust to Corridor Asset Holding LLC, 150 Holiday Drive in Wilmington, $450,000.

Wesley C. Anderson to William Caudill, 940 Cline Road, $30,000.

Lori D. and Kimber G. Boggs to Kimber G. Boggs, 752 Truesdell Street in Wilmington, no sales amount.

Richard L. and Madelyn S. Caplinger to Daniel Lee and Shannon Caplinger, 982 Peggy Lane in Wilmington and a Kenyon Drive property in Wilmington, no sales amount.

Brenda Constant to Asha D. Johnson, 586 Grand Avenue in Sabina, $78,500.

Cheryl K. Cluxton to Emeline Golden, 187 Krebs Drive in Sabina, $106,500.

Robert E. and Lois R. Williams to Shon A. Nichols, 1773 Hillcrest Avenue, $165,400.

DSH & Sons Properties LLC to Eric S. Wilcher, 106 Woodland Drive in Wilmington, $139,500.

Carroll Halliday Inc. to Jennifer Stonewall, 10 Krebs Drive in Sabina, $134,900.

Christopher C. Swanson to Christopher C. Swanson, 5075 State Route 350, 5171 State Route 350 East, and another State Route 350 property, no sales amount.

Jason T. Baker to Johnny High Street LLC, 2741 Pansy Road, $60,000.

State of Ohio Department of Natural Resources to Timothy D. and Mary L. Inwood, Honey Locust Lane, no sales amount.

Michael L., Kyle E., Richard S. and Stephen J. Gasaway, and Kimberly S. Spears to Benny Wayne Smith and Craig E. Smith, 4941 U.S. 22/S.R. 3 West, $300,000.

Glenn D. Phillips to Tony and Jessie Thompson, 138 North Mulberry Street in Wilmington and another Mulberry Street property, $30,000 and $30,000 for a total of $60,000.

Michael W. and Tammy N. Kern to Joel W. Morris, Logan Carter, and Tina Morris, 2211 Port William Road, $229,900.

Tina S. Leisure-Kearns and Boyd Kearns Jr. to Macie B. Leisure, 85 Hunt Drive in Sabina, $71,000.

Ona Lee Estep to Ashley P. Papania, Brock Drive in Blanchester and 7462 Brock Drive in Blanchester, $168,500 and $168,500 for a total of $337,000.

Charles Douglas and Patricia B. Beckett and Hesperia Bevan to Charles Douglas and Patricia B. Beckett, 734 Lebanon Road and 738 Lebanon Road, no sales amount.

AC & CJ Enterprises LLC to Clinton County Home Sweet Homes LLC, Main Street in Clarksville, 90 Main Street in Clarksville, and another Main Street property in Clarksville, $100,000 and $100,000 and $100,000 for a total of $300,000.

David W. Creditt to John Anthony Starin, 528 Kathryn Drive in Wilmington, $149,000.

Robert T. and Carrie L. Bandow to Carrie L. Bandow, 143 Watkins Road and another Watkins Road property, no sales amount.

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